Walmart Merchandise Truckloads


Why Opt for WalMart Merchandise Truckloads?

So, do you own a department store? Are you the procurement manager of a department store? Do you need amazing products on your shelf that will not only give value to your customers but also solve their diverse purchase needs? WalMart merchandise truckloads can be the solution you have been looking for. 

In a shipment you can receive a wide range of different products that are offered throughout their stores and on the website. Truckloads can be shipped directly from WalMart when you purchase them through a site like, or from closeout warehouses that have purchased these lots either directly or through brokers. 

The WalMart truck loads mainly consist of various merchandise that is returned by shoppers. The returns can range from being clean and ready to be used or completely damaged. Some of the merchandise products sold by WalMart include; Giftware, home décor, small furniture, sporting goods, automotive, outdoor tools, kitchenware, electronics, bedding, house wares, apparel, and toys. The WalMart truckloads mainly consist of 26 to 28 pallets of merchandise per truckload. It is important to note that these truckloads can be shipped to any part of the world where it's legally permissible to do so.

I am sure that you are probably excited at this exciting opportunity to benefit from the amazing array of products available for you. A little knowledge on some of the benefits you are bound to receive when purchasing the merchandise will go a long way in influencing your purchase decision this season. Here are some of the benefits of selling the type of overstock and store return items that you can receive in your shipment:

Benefits of Selling Wal-Mart truckload Items:

You will be selling high quality products that were carried by the discount retailer, by brands that many of your customers might recognize.

So how does this merchandise get selected for you?

Where does this Merchandise come from?

Most of the merchandise from WalMart ends up in the central redistribution point and some are returned back to WalMart to be sold at a reduced price. These returned products are sold through WalMart truckloads pallets. The merchandise comes from; liquidations, closeouts, overstock and store returns. So, what should you expect?

You should be prepared, especially when buying store return merchandise, to see a significant percentage of merchandise that is out of the original packaging, and possibly even damaged. You should either be able to fix the type of products that are in the category that you are purchasing, or know someone that can repair the products for you.

I would strongly recommend that you visit one of their stores and their website, this way you will be able to see the type of merchandise that you can expect to receive.

You might event want to walk up to the cashiers that process the returns, this way you will be able to get a sense of the condition in which items are returned to the store.

The more creative you are, and the more effort you are willing to put in, the better you can do with the pallets.

For instance, you can sort out the contents of the pallets into different grades and sell them accordingly, find customers that have special needs for certain product categories, and perform alterations and refurbishments of the items. If you are repairing or refurbishing any product you should disclose this to your customers.

So where can you sell the products that you will receive?

1. Become a wholesaler on

2. List your items in bulk at

3. Put up pallets on

4. Liquidate your slow moving products on

5. Set up online auctions on eBay for individual items.

6. Run garage sales.

7. Rent a booth at a flea market.

8. Rent a spot at your local swap meet.

9. Advertise your products for free on Craigslist. 

10. Open up your own store.

11. Export the pallets or the entire contents of the truckload.

12. Give out the merchandise to consignment stores.

13. Market your products through

14. Become an Amazon FBA seller.

15. Supply products to shops in your neighborhood.

I am sure that you can come up with many of your sales strategies to move the overstock and store return merchandise that you will receive.

One word of caution that I would give you is to ensure that you are purchasing what the wholesaler is claiming to be selling. If you are not purchasing the truckload directly from WalMart then I would recommend that you visit the wholesaler's warehouse, or send someone on your behalf.

Keep in mind that although Sam's Club is also owned by the international discount retailer, it's pallets are liquidated separately.

Remember, you can also sell your wholesale products to Walmart, so take inventory of your merchandise and see what might be of interest to a store buyer.