Walmart Canada Merchandise Pallets


Wholesale buyers love buying by the pallet, since optimally they can receive a wide variety of merchandise at a very low price per unit.

One of the companies that sells their overstock and store return merchandise by the pallet is Walmart Canada, a subsidiary of Walmart.


Walmart, a well-known retail brand, has long been everyone’s go-to place to get more for less, in good quality. Starting as a small retailer, Walmart has grown to become an international chain that we all visit and love.

According to Walmart, its stores in Canada alone have almost 1.2 million customers per day. 600,000 customers purchase its products online every day. Working with several brands at the moment, Walmart tries hard to maintain good quality and help good brands reach customers.

Merchandise in Walmart Pallets from Canada

Walmart uses pallets to transport its products across the world.

The kind of merchandise that arrives in Walmart pallets from Canada includes clothes, shoes, and health, beauty or pharmacy products.


Walmart pallets contain clothes that are by the brands: Faded Glory, George, No Boundaries, Carter’s, Wranglers, Athletic Works and Levi Strauss.

George is probably the most popular brand at Walmart. With clothes for the whole family, George not only provides the basic everyday wear but also offers clothes for every weather at a low price. The trendy brand is exclusive to the Walmart chain and its products can also be found online. (To contact George, call 0800 952 0101).

Walmart’s primary brand for clothing, Faded Glory, offers all kinds of clothes and shoes for men, women, and children. No Boundaries offers everything from tops and bras to backpacks and jeans. Carter, another brand, offers all kinds of clothes for children and keeps them in style. These brands are cheaper and great for everyday wear.

Levi Strauss and Wrangler offer the best jeans for customers of Walmart and even offer some shirts and tops. These well established brands are easily accessible online and in stores at Walmart. (To contact Wrangler, call 1 (888) 784 – 8571/ to contact Levi Strauss, call 1 (866) 860 - 8907).

If looking for clothes to work out in, Athletic Works products can be brought at Walmart. With their great quality and reasonable prices, Athletic Works is a great Walmart brand for athletic wear.


Walmart pallets also can contain shoes from Canada, including products from brands like Timberland Pro, Aerosoles, Dan Post Boots, Durego, Danskin Now, Georgia Boot, Earth Spirit, John Deere, K Swiss, Laredo, Muk luks, Dr. Scholls, Propet, Vionic, Avia, Heely’s and many others.

Walmart shoes are durable and it offers great varieties of shoes for the customers. Dan Post Boots and Georgia Boots provide excellent quality boots for the consumers of Walmart (To contact Georgia Boots, call 1-866-442-4908). Other brands offer shoes for both men and women, like Timberland Pro (To contact, call 1-888-802-9947). Aerosoles and some others, however, offer shoes from just one gender.

Health, Beauty & Pharmacy

Low cost products from international brands like Dove, Head & Shoulders, L’Oreal, St Ive’s. Olay, Vicks etc are transported in pallets of Walmart from Canada to other locations as well. Mostly, however, cosmetics from the brand like elf, Conair and L’Oreal are packed up in pallets and sent in from Canada.

Walmart, the retail brand we all know of and trust, has varieties of products and other merchandise that comes in Walmart pallet from Canada. These are of low price and good quality, which makes Walmart a trusted retailer for many consumers.