Vintage Wholesale Warehouses In The United States


You may be interested in buying vintage items, but how do you know which vintage wholesale warehouses are the best to buy from? There are several things to consider: quality, price, deadstock, and sources. In this article, we'll discuss some of the most important factors to consider when sourcing vintage items. You'll be able to buy from reputable, reliable vintage wholesale warehouses, as well as discover how to avoid scams and get the most value for your money.


You may have heard of deadstock, but what is it? Deadstock is fashion produce that has never been worn. These pieces may have defects and were never sold in stores, and are often untouched by the time they reach the wholesale warehouses. Most deadstock is sent to a landfill or destroyed through burning. However, there are cases in which these items are actually salvaged and sold to other companies.

Some fabric recycling companies sell this material as deadstock. One such company is Queen of Raw. They source fabrics from various companies, including upholstery manufacturers, and sell them at a reduced price. Another website that sells deadstock fabrics is AmoThreads, which allows users to buy fabric in smaller quantities and filter their search by material, seasonality, and more. This site can be a valuable source of vintage textiles and fabrics for the sewing enthusiast.

In the United States, there are many fabric suppliers that offer deadstock fabrics. One of the best known is Stonemountain & Daughters Fabric. It sells eco-friendly fabric, vegan leather, and faux fur. Another option is Etsy, where you can find a vast collection of fabrics. If you're a small business, you may want to check out the site. Similarly, the fabric supplier Blackbird Fabrics offers designer deadstock fabrics. This store often posts fabric features on their Instagram.

While deadstock may have negative connotations, this type of clothing is not necessarily in bad shape. A great way to get a second-hand item for a much lower price is to buy destashed fabric online. This is especially popular in the sewing world, where destashing is a common practice. In this way, you'll get the benefit of second-hand materials at lower costs.

Another option for finding deadstock vintage inventory is flea markets. Flea markets are often off-the-beaten-path and void of vintage clothing. However, there are stories of major finds at flea markets. The key is to be willing to expand your inventory offering and get creative with your searches. Just remember to keep in mind that the clothes at flea markets may not always be of vintage quality, so make sure to check the inventory thoroughly before committing to an expensive purchase.


When it comes to choosing a quality vintage wholesale warehouse, there are a few factors to consider. One of the most important things to look for is one with a lot of stock, but a low minimum order. Moreover, quality vintage wholesale warehouses will be able to accommodate bulk orders and even have their own retail outlets. It is important to consider the size of the warehouse and the space it occupies. If the warehouse is small, you can use it as storage. If you have a large space, you can also buy wholesale clothing from them.

Another important factor is the price. Quality vintage wholesale warehouses in the United States have low minimum orders, so if you are looking for a wholesale warehouse that sells cheap vintage clothing, then LA Vintage is the place to go. The company specializes in selling antique and retro clothing, as well as vintage accessories. LA Vintage Wholesale aims to be environmentally conscious and does its part to reduce its carbon footprint. This is done by sourcing goods from rag houses both in the United States and abroad. This company is committed to sustainability and has a 42,000-square-foot rag house in Los Angeles, California.


There are many reasons why you should buy and sell vintage clothing. Not only are these items great for your wardrobe, but you'll also save money by selling them. A lot of vintage clothing is very inexpensive, especially if you know how to find and price it correctly. Buying vintage clothing from a wholesale warehouse is an excellent way to get a lot of items at a low price. Here are a few of the benefits of purchasing from a wholesale warehouse:

Prices vary greatly, but there are some common requirements. If you are starting a vintage clothing store, you'll need a lot of stock to keep your inventory stocked. A good source is a wholesale warehouse in the United States. Prices can be considerably lower and they have more styles. Thrift Vintage, for example, has a minimum order of $1,000. Thrift Vintage sources goods from rag houses in the United States and abroad, and offers 30 percent lower prices than many other wholesalers. You can buy clothing for yourself, and for your business.

Bulk Vintage is another popular option for vintage clothing. They offer prompt international shipping for purchases over $300. They accept PayPal and major credit cards. However, they don't ship to some regions. Their website has detailed descriptions of products, and it's easy to navigate. Bulk Vintage offers hand-picked items that ship worldwide in seven to ten business days. Unlike some of the other warehouses, North Vintage Wholesale has a high customer satisfaction rate, which is a sign of a great warehouse.


There are many sources of vintage clothing in the United States. The first option is to source from overseas rag houses. Generally, these companies will have buildings with over 20 square meters of floor space. The pickers will cull items for vintage shops through the wholesaler. Wholesale warehouses may offer unique items from different eras. For instance, you may be able to find clothing from the 20th century from the 1950s to the 1980s.

You can also visit wholesale warehouses in your city or area and find the vintage items you want to sell. These warehouses will have an inventory of the clothing you need to sell. Many warehouses will even offer free delivery. Some warehouses will even deliver straight to your door. For more information on locating these warehouses, visit their website. It's well worth your time to visit a few.

In addition to vintage warehouses, you can also purchase items that have never been worn. Deadstock is usually clothing with tags still attached, which is also an option. There are also some thrift stores and boutiques that stock their shops with vintage clothing. For large vintage stores, bulk vintage is best. But for boutique owners and eBay sellers, bulk vintage is usually the best option. There are many sources of vintage wholesale warehouses in the United States and the prices are very competitive.

Los Angeles is another source of vintage wholesale clothing in the United States. LA Vintage Wholesale sells high-quality used clothes, shoes, and accessories. It's the largest supplier of antique clothing in the United States. LA Vintage Wholesale prioritizes sustainability. The four2,000 square foot facility is similar to a rag house. They sort clothing by quality, size, and aesthetic appeal. Most of the products are shipped via sea.