Vinizbena Wholesale Clothing.


Vinizbena Clothing started in 1963 by Mario Vinizbena. He moved to the United States from Spain. He started selling his unique brand of wholesale clothing in New York City, where it quickly became a hit. He then opened up his own clothing shop in Los Angeles, and within a short time, his clothing line became one of the most popular labels in the country. He then began selling his products all over the world.

Today, Vinizbena Clothing has many lines of wholesale clothing for both women and men. The designs are inspired by cultures from all over the world and are very unique in their artwork. Most of the clothing designs are long and flowing, while some are short and cool, with geometric shapes.

Women's clothing from the Vinizbena clothing line features beautiful floral prints and intricate detailed work. The designs are very feminine and have a very dreamy quality to them. Many of the prints come from the culture of the Andes Mountains. Other styles are from the Mediterranean area, such as light blue designs that reflect the sun and bright oranges. The men's clothing is more rugged, with leather jackets, dark denim jeans, and collared shirts in various colors.

In addition to the fine men's clothing, there is also a great selection of kids clothing available from this clothing line. There are numerous unique designs in children's clothing that feature characters from the Wild West and other Hollywood films. In addition to western themes, there are also ones with Chinese symbols and animals. With such a wonderful line of clothing, one would be surprised at how much money they could actually save by buying items wholesale. They can purchase additional clothing when they see that they do not need any more.

As a woman, you will love the attention to detail in each piece of Vinizbena clothing that you purchase. The materials used are all top quality. They are made from the finest silks and satins. They are soft to touch, yet are able to withstand the washings that they may encounter.

This clothing line is for anyone who wants to look fashionable while having a healthier lifestyle. There are a variety of pieces in this clothing line to choose from. For women, there is the shawl, jumpsuit, jacket, and jeans. Men will find great clothing such as a shirt, vest, sweater, or sweatshirt.