Using Zoom To Sell Your Products


You can use Zoom to sell your products. 

Zoom is an online video service through which you can set up and participate in video call meetings.

You can use the video conferencing service on your laptop, or on your smartphone. 

You can set up a free account at, and if needed, you can upgrade to a paid account.

A free account will allow you to conduct  meetings that last up to 45 minutes, while a paid account will allow you to have meetings without any time limits. 

What makes Zoom's video service so unique, is that each person is seen within a neat square, as if you were watching each person on a separate screen. 

Each time someone speaks, their square is enlarged. Since their square is enlarged, and prominently displayed, you can always focus on the person who is speaking. 

Hosts, and participants, can scroll across their screen, and see all of the participants. 

The hosts, and participants, can also send group or private messages to each other. 

As a host, you can mute and unmute a person. 

You can use Zoom to showcase your merchandise to your customers. 

When your customers cannot travel to your warehouse or your store, Zoom can be an especially useful business tool.
You have the opportunity, through a live interactive video meeting, to invite a group of people to see your products.

You can also set up a video call with a single buyer.

As you are showing your products to your customers, you can answer questions, as well as visually focus on specific details of your products. 

While conducting your presentation, you can message your customers links to buy your products. 

By messaging your customers links to your products, you will be able to make sales in real time. 

You can also use a Zoom call to receive feedback regarding your business and your products.

Technology can help you attain a great level of success, you should use the available technology to your benefit!