Used Clothing Supplier In The Usa


Wholesale Used Clothing Supplier In The Usa

Today, USA is the home of famous designed and high quality used clothing.It is experienced

industry in providing best second hand clothing all over the world. The country

has various retailers and wholesale companies that provide or process used clothing

every day;

1. Pacas de

Ropa Usada; It’s located at Texas. The company deals on used

clothing.It offers both credential and mix rags to the suppliers.

2. America’s

Best Closeouts; It provides used or recycled blue jeans and any other

recycled clothing.Mostly,the company deals with bulky products of the type.

It’s located at Florida, Miami.

3. Global

Clothing Industries; It’s the main processor of second hand clothes, textiles,

shoes, kid’s toys, fashion clothing, and the wiping cloths.The company sells

both first and second quality clothes. These clothes may be sorted or unsorted

depending on the needs of customer. It’s located at Georgia, Atlanta.

4. Whitehouse

& Scharpio; The company is located at Maryland,Baltimore.It supplies

second hand clothing, textiles remnants and wipers to its customers or the retailers.

It may import or export the products.

5. Fab-Tech

Company; This is a wholesale company located at Maryland,Owing Mills

in USA.It’s imports and exports second hand products; wiping cloth rags, second

hand clothing, textiles remnants, used shoes, and non-woven.However, the

company offer storage for the good returned.

6. Cohen Rags; Cohen

Rags are a wholesale company located in Massachusetts,Dover.The company acts as

a broker and buys goods later to find market for them. These goods normally are

mixed rags, credential clothing, shoes, wiping cloths, conversion fibers,

burlap bags and textiles. The products are later exported all over the world.

7. Rogali Used

& New Clothing; It’s found at Texas,McAllen.It’s the well-known and

number one warehouse in the USA. It offers goods direct to customers without involving

the intermediaries. Its products are original clothes premium and Lacoste.

8. Sunrise

Trading Corporation; It’s located at New Jersey, Jersey City. It is a

trading corporation and is a second generation exporter. Its products are

mainly used clothing and textiles.

9.; this is a

wholesale company that supplies used or second hand products. It normally deals

with wholesale blue jeans, both men’s and women’s clothing and children’s clothing.

These clothing’s are either recycled new clothing or used clothing.

10. Romans Enterprises Trading Inc.; the

company is located in Los Angeles and is the most successful trading and distributing

company. Its products are mix rag, wiping rags and used shoes. It caters for

the needs of both local and worldwide customers.

Therefore, we should look for the best used or second

hand clothes from the given suppliers who will not only help enlarge our business

but also solve the clothing problems to both our customers and individual

family at large.