United Perfumes is a global fragrance company that partners with luxury retailers to deliver the finest fragrances to the world. Their distribution network spans 55 countries, including key luxury retailers such as department stores, e-tailers, independent boutiques, concept stores, and perfumeries. The company will soon be launching its Ginori 1735 LCDC collection to the key international retailers. We will continue to keep you updated on our latest fragrance releases, including the latest from Ginori.

Luca Nichetto

United Perfumes is a leading home fragrance company. With Ginori 1735 and other high-end luxury brands, it has extended its product line into the home fragrance category. The company has developed diffusers and candele to create ambient scents. All LCDC components are produced in the company's factory in Sesto Fiorentino, Italy. Luca Nichetto fragrances have been in production since 1905.

United Perfumes has a global distribution network, working with luxury brands across different markets. In the case of Ginori 1735, United Perfumes worked with the company's commercial and editorial teams to create a fragrance that will be both timeless and wearable. Luca consulted United Perfumes' fragrance team and Ginori 1735.

Designed with the philosophy of "artistic expression," Luca Nichetto's debut perfume collection - Ombra delle 5 - is inspired by the late afternoon sun, when the light turns golden and time slows down. Luminous and luxurious, the opulent scent is poured into handcrafted Murano glass bottles with striking facets. Massimo Gardone captured the essence of this perfume in ten photographs. The bottle design and packaging were exhibited at A.W. Bauer & Co. during the first week of February. Luca Nichetto's website has a brochure with more details.

Luca Nichetto is a highly sought-after international fragrance designer. His work has been recognized internationally, and the renowned designer reinterpreted the iconic statues of Ginori 1735. Inspired by Jean-Paul Goude's illustrations, he has fused classic style with modernity. This unique combination has given his collection a mystical dimension. So, do not miss out on this unique scent today.

Ginori 1735

When you buy Ginori 1735 at United Perfumes, you're getting a luxury scent with a European flair. Part of the LCDC, this Italian fragrance line comes in refillable bottles. The bottles come with different characters that are mixed with other fragrances to give you a unique scent. The packaging reveals the Medici flame symbol, and a scented candle is just the beginning.

In addition to relaunching the iconic brands, Ginori 1735 at United Perfumes offers an entire collection of Italian home fragrances. The company's extensive distribution network includes a flagship store in Florence and a monobrand store in Moscow. Additionally, they are represented at high-end Department Stores and multi-brand specialty stores worldwide. The fragrances, based on the Italian botanical ingredients, are known for their rich aroma and opulent packaging.

The Italian fragrance company's global distribution network includes independent boutiques, perfumers, interior design showrooms, and luxury retailers in 55 countries. Ginori 1735 will be available at United Perfumes through its website and other retail outlets worldwide. United Perfumes will also be featuring the Ginori 1735 LCDC at the Salone del Mobile in 2021, and will sell its fragrances to a select group of international key retailers.

With a growing global presence, Ginori 1735 has begun branching out into the home fragrance industry. The brand has expanded into the incense burner and room diffuser market, with a focus on new and innovative forms. The company's new collection includes candles in various sizes and fragrance diffusers for different environments. The line also features candles, incense holders, and incense holders.

La Compania Di Caterina

The brand is now partnered with Italian perfume house Ginori 1735. As a home fragrance specialist, United Perfumes is focused on bringing the newest fragrances to market. Its latest addition is La Compania Di Caterina, a sophisticated blend of artesania and a recargable element. United Perfumes is committed to making fragrances of the highest quality and most innovative design.

With the new partnership, United Perfumes will be able to distribute the La Compania Di Caterina fragrances to luxury retailers globally. The company is also working with independent perfumers, interior design showrooms, and luxury retailers. The company will debut this latest scent at Salone del Mobile in 2021 and will sell it to a variety of key international retailers.

Ginori 1735, part of the Kering Group, will launch two new fragrances in the fall. 'La Compagnia Di Caterina' will include scented candles, incense burners, room diffusers, and designer collections. 'United Perfumes' also expanded its international distribution to include Ginori 1735. The Ginori 1735 fragrance will also be available in refill bottles in Black Stone and Purple Hill.

Ginori 1735 is a luxury lifestyle brand, the world's leader in porcelain and design. Luca Nichetto's design team has brought together the traditional and contemporary vision of Ginori. The range now includes scented candles, incense burners, room diffusers, and fragrance-infused decorative objects. Ginori 1735 will also feature a bespoke home fragrance collection that includes scented candles in a variety of sizes.

Al haramain

The brand of Al Haramain perfumes has been a global leader in the field of fine perfumery since 1970. This company started as a small agarwood trading shop in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but has grown to a network of exclusive showrooms and international distribution across the globe. Its mission is to bring serenity to the world through fragrance. To achieve this goal, Al Haramain has a variety of different fragrance collections, including a line of oriental-inspired fragrances.

For a unique blend of a woodsy scent and floral notes, Al Haramain Amber Oud Edition is a must-have. Its woodsy scent is perfect for a woman looking to exude confidence. Available at Perfume Xpress in Lauderhill Mall, this perfume is the perfect gift or treat for yourself. You can buy Al Haramain Amber Oud fragrance at Perfume Xpress online or at any of their five retail locations.

Founded in the Holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia, Al Haramain is one of the leading fragrance companies in the GCC region. They have a wide range of products, including perfume, cologne, oils, and home fragrance. The Fragrances Line offers hand-decanted samples of their products in glass vials. You can decide which perfumes you want to try at home before you purchase the full size bottles.


United Perfumes, the global licensee and distributor of luxury fragrance brands, was founded in 2007 by Christopher Yu and Laurent Delafon. It is a leader in the home fragrance market and has helped bring the Ginori 1735 home fragrance collection to the world. United Perfumes also works with the luxury brand Luca. Its portfolio of brands includes Ginori, Clive Christian, and Ginaia.

The company is now collaborating with Ginori 1735 to bring its fragrances to the American market. Known for their innovative aesthetic vision and long-lasting scent, LCDC is a partner with an exclusive offering. United Perfumes works with leading luxury retailers worldwide, independent boutiques, interior design showrooms, and independent designers. The Ginori 1735 LCDC will make its debut at the Salone del Mobile in 2021, and will be sold to leading international retailers.

Ginori 1735, a luxury lifestyle brand with roots in Italy, has recently expanded its offerings into the home fragrance market. It offers home fragrance diffusers and candele of various sizes. All of these products are handmade in Sesto Fiorentino, Italy. United Perfumes has also partnered with Luca Nichetto to launch a new luxury line. Its first home fragrance collection will be Ginori 1735's LCDC.

Ginori 1735, a home fragrance collection created by Luca Nichetto, is another example of LCDC blending the modern vision of Luca Nichetto with the figurative tradition of Manifattura. Ginori 1735 home fragrance collection includes Amber Lagoon and Musk Road. The Ginori 1735 home fragrance collection features candles of different sizes, incense holders, and fragrance diffusers. As a wholesale distributor of luxury brands, LCDC is a reliable and trustworthy partner for premium brand perfumes, make up, and fashion jewellery.