Unclaimed Amazon Packages For Sale


You can easily find unclaimed Amazon packages for sale from eCommerce giants by using BoxFox. You can sign up for free, monitor live auctions, and view the pictures of each lot. BoxFox offers a price per lot and automatically accepts higher bids. Its live auctions feature market value, ratings, and pictures. There are also 7% commissions to pay. To purchase one, you have to pay the shipping fee and the bid price, plus 7% commission.

Barton's Discounts

If you have a package from Amazon but no one has claimed it yet, you might consider selling it to a liquidation service. A liquidation company like Barton's Discounts specializes in this type of service, and they have been in business for over 10 years. In addition to helping Amazon process unclaimed returns, shelf pulls, and overstocks, they provide truckloads and liquidation pallets as well. They offer a fast and convenient service, and you can be sure that you're not wasting your money on a costly shipping fee.

Joe Barton, the owner of the Indianapolis-based liquidation company, has seen his fair share of unclaimed packages. He estimates that around 15% of these packages are damaged. For hardware retailers, that number is closer to twenty-five to thirty percent. You can also find people buying Amazon returns at flea markets, discount stores, and truckloads. The WTHR team purchased a pallet for $325.

You can even buy items at bargain prices through unclaimed auctions on BoxFox. You can set an asking price for each lot, and higher bids are automatically accepted. You can also purchase bundled images, ratings, and market values. Barton's Discounts on unclaimed Amazon packages is an excellent option for a liquidation service. This company specializes in processing unclaimed returns and shelf pulls from Amazon. They can also help you liquidate pallets of unclaimed packages.

The best way to get a good deal on unclaimed Amazon packages is to buy them from other sellers. You can either buy them individually, or bid for the whole truckload. Just make sure to check the reputation of the seller and the products. If you have a budget, you can buy a package individually, but this is likely to cost more than the actual product is worth. You can also sell your unclaimed Amazon packages for a profit.


There are many benefits to purchasing mystery boxes from Quicklotz. The first is that they ship for free within the US. Another benefit is the profit margin that can be made by purchasing them. Depending on the contents of the mystery box, you can get anywhere from ten to one hundred items. The items you buy may be useful or not. You can also save money when buying a large quantity of mystery boxes because you only pay ten percent of the price.

Purchasing unclaimed packages is a great way to get rid of unwanted packages without having to wait for them to be reclaimed. Quicklotz offers a wide variety of merchandise, daily deals, and discounts on their products. There are also many ways to save money with Quicklotz, including a subscription. You can purchase a single package, a whole pallet, or even a truckload of packages.

In addition to its huge inventory of unclaimed packages, Quicklotz offers an online auction platform. Many packages are shipped nationwide from warehouses to small businesses. Quicklotz has a store in Arlington and one in Hurst. The Hurst location is more than twenty times larger than the Arlington location, so you can pick up your purchased items. You can even pick up items at either location if you are unable to find them in the reclaimed Amazon packages for sale on Amazon.

Mystery boxes from Quicklotz can be as varied as clothing, houseware, electronics, and more. The items in these boxes can be anything from designer trainers to coffee gift cards. The prices for these boxes can range from a few dollars to several thousand dollars. You can even customize your mystery boxes with specific items. The items you receive may be a valuable treasure, and can help you to make some extra cash!

A mystery box from Quicklotz will likely be filled with unused items that were purchased from Amazon. The items inside will be in mint condition. Quicklotz promises that every box will have a minimum of 100 items. As a result, you can earn a decent profit if you choose the right mystery boxes. It's important to note that reclaiming these packages isn't without risk.

If you are interested in purchasing unclaimed Amazon packages, there are many different places to do so. You can visit liquidation websites for unclaimed Amazon packages and resell them for profit. If you find a site that has a large inventory of unclaimed Amazon packages, you can even try to win the lottery by bidding more than you expected! There are many other ways to make money from unclaimed Amazon packages. It's a great hobby for those with an eye for business.

These mystery boxes can be bought for very low prices. Some of these packages have never been claimed by the original owner, while others have been misplaced in the mail or by porch pirates. Others may have been misplaced in the warehouse or truck. Regardless of the reason, unclaimed Amazon packages are a great way to make extra cash. It's not uncommon to find something you never expected when buying a mystery box on Quicklotz.