Types of Perfume Bottles and Their Applications


Are you looking for wholesale perfume bottles? If so, you have come to the right place. There are many perfume bottle exporters operating in the international market. If you're a beginner, read this article to get a basic idea of what these types of bottles are and how to identify them. Then, you can start your search and find the ideal perfume bottle for your needs. There are also many advantages to buying wholesale perfume bottles. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this type of packaging.


When it comes to the packaging of perfume, glass is the material of choice. Unlike plastic, glass retains the scent of the product longer. Perfume bottles in this material also lend an upscale appearance to the product, which makes them more desirable for retail sales. There are several benefits of using glass perfume bottles, as outlined below:

A glass perfume bottle can be decorated in several ways, and there are a variety of available designs. Glass perfume bottles can be customized to fit your brand identity, so that your customers can tell them it's a special fragrance. Some suppliers offer stock designs. If you're looking for unique glass perfume bottles, you can opt for an OEM or ODM contract. Once you've chosen a design, you'll have plenty of options when it comes to determining how much you'll pay.

Aside from the capacity of the bottles, a quality one has to have for the fragrance to be effective. Most perfumes are made in spray bottles or roll-ons. Perfume spray bottles with fine mister caps are ideal for light, airy scents. These bottles can also be used for splashes and body sprays. For heavier perfumes and essential oils, you may want to opt for a roller ball bottle or a vial.


If you are looking for high quality and cheap plastic bottles for wholesale perfume bottles, you are at the right place. You can find various types of plastic perfume bottles, from spray bottles to plastic containers. The best thing about them is that they come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. You can also customize them as per your needs. EC21 is a leading global B2B marketplace, and its members are seeking suppliers from all over the world.

As for the application style of perfumes, you should choose bottles according to the type of product you are selling. Light-flavoured perfumes are best suited to fine mister-cap bottles. They are often floral or citrus. They also work well for body sprays and splashes. However, musky or essential oils might require a roller ball bottle. For those perfumes with higher concentrations, you should use essential oil bottles.

Glass and plastic perfume bottles are both effective packaging materials for fragrances. While glass perfume bottles are the more traditional material, they also have many advantages over other materials. For instance, they are cheaper and don't break easily while transporting. In addition, the blow-molded process allows for a wider variety of appearance styles. For this reason, they are often used in body splashes and less expensive perfumes. So, if you're looking for an affordable perfume bottle, plastic is a great choice.


Cylindrical perfume bottles are the most popular for larger perfumes and are commonly made of plastic or aluminum. They're ideal for spray fragrances or skin products in larger volumes. Other, more upscale fragrances are often packaged in Boston round bottles, vials, or bulb-shaped bottles. In addition, cylindrical bottles are also easy to reseal and are available with various caps. This article will discuss several types of perfume bottles and their applications.

A common choice for bottles is glass. Glass is a more sophisticated material for perfume bottles. It doesn't react with its contents and is therefore preferred for expensive perfumes. Plastic containers are impact-resistant and work well for smaller cosmetic bottles and body splashes. However, be sure to choose the right material for your perfume or body wash. You'll be happy with the outcome. And, while glass fragrance bottles are still popular, they are not for everyone.

A wide range of styles is available for wholesale perfume bottles. 3.3ml bottles come with a black spray pump. Approximately half an ounce (0.9 oz) is available in a blue or amber glass cylindrical bottle with a matte gold metal sprayer. Larger bottles are available in 15ml sizes with black and silver metal sprayers. These are popular with perfumers, colognes, and other products.


Looking for a bottle to store your perfume or beauty product? Bullet bottles are the perfect choice. These attractive bottles come with a flip or dispensing cap for ease of use. They can hold 1 to 32 oz of product. They are also available in white or natural HDPE. For those who are looking for a more unique bottle for their perfume or beauty product, consider a Boston round or other specialty shape. This option is made of recycled plastic.

Three-piece set

This unique three-piece set of perfume bottles is a wonderful way to give your customers a gift they'll be sure to love. The bottles themselves are the perfect size to place on a table or shelf. They also come with matching color applicator tops that secure the perfume, fragrance or essential oils. These bottles are made of Pyrex glass and are luster-heat-colored for maximum beauty and class. Not only will your customers love the unique look of these bottles, but they can be used as decorative objects as well.

Custom size customization

If you have a customized fragrance line, custom perfume bottles will be an excellent option for you. The company has experience in the beauty industry and uses the best Italian raw materials to make its bottles. They can advise you on fragrance selection, packaging options and even the best size for your bottle. Perfume bottles are much more than just containers: they are works of art, creating visual shapes, enhancing your brand image and attracting customers' attention.

A wide range of materials is available for your wholesale perfume bottles. These containers can be hot stamped or labeled, assembled and warehoused for easy storage. There are countless applications for these bottles, including in the cosmetic industry, beauty salons, and even household use. These containers can be customized to fit any size or shape requirement. You can find a company that offers stock and JIT deliveries of perfume bottles. There are so many advantages of custom perfume bottles that you'll be pleasantly surprised.

While perfumes come in all sizes and shapes, custom packaging makes them stand out among the crowd. Perfume packaging not only protects the product, but it also gives customers a first-hand experience of a quality product. To enhance your perfume packaging, choose a variety of different materials, including cardstock, bux board, E-flute corrugated, and eco-friendly Kraft. Customizing the perfume box also allows you to apply finishing touches, such as coatings, to make the box look elegant.