Tropical Shipping Company is a global company that specializes in container shipping.

Although I came to know Tropical through my Caribbean wholesale customers, it turns out that they also handle shipments to other regions.

My customers, whether retailers in Trinidad or flea market sellers in Suriname, really seem to like the professionalism and efficiency of their freight collect shipping services.

I have personally dealt with Susan Runge, one of their customer representatives, and she's been really helpful. She has personally ensured that the process of using the shipping services of Tropical Shipping have always been smooth for myself and my customers.

They have a well-established fleet of more than 400 vessels that have a capacity of 1.5 million TEU. Their sailing schedules cover a minimum of 200 routes around different ports across the globe. This gives them a chance to deliver cargo almost to every destination around the world.

Regions of operations

This shipping company covers the major ports in the US that include: Miami, Florida, as well as ports in the Caribbean such Bahamas, Trinidad, Guyana, and St Lucia.

They have an integrated warehouse and we also offer haulage services. This enables them to deliver your cargo just at your doorstep.

They operate as independent local carriers, which means that we are in a position to offer you an international service using unrivaled local understanding.

They have engaged the best brains in the shipping industry to help their clients achieve their business goals. They are globally recognized for offering personalized services to their clients. This article will give an overview of the services offered by that you definitely need to know.


Packaging services

They help their clients to pack whatever goods that they want to ship to another destination. From envelopes to peanuts they understand how to put them together for you. Tropical shipping has all the resources and manpower needed for your shipment to be packed and brought to your preferred destination. And whether you decide to use standard shipping or special one, you can track your cargo via your mobile phone or at our website

Clearance services

Tropical shipping provides customs clearance services at affordable rate. However, the charges may vary from one country to another due to the difference in the clearance laws. If you ship you cargo to an international destination using tropical shipping you may be required for clearance fees.

Dry cargo services

Dry containers are normally used to ship dry solids like grains, coal and steel products. At the Tropical shipping company, we specialize in delivering dry cargo to your preferred destinations. They have dry containers of every type and size to make sure that we serve you better. Their current fleet of containers is well maintained to ensure that you can use them every time you have a shipment need. They meet the Convention for Safe Containers( CSC) requirements. They have extra types of equipment that attach to the containers, namely;

-Hanger Beams-makes it possible for garments on hanger to be shipped without packing them

-Lashing bars- They ensure that your cargo is secure until it reaches the intended destination.

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Special cargo services

They offer special cargo shipping services to our clients at affordable services. Special cargo include; those items that are fragile in nature( i.e glass) that can break very fast. Their staffs are well versed in handling such items and will ensure that your items will reach the intended destination without breaking.

-Inland transport services

They offer inland delivery services to our clients at affordable rates. They ensure that your cargo will reach your intended destination in a hassle-free way.

Rates and Pricing

The company charges for packaging the items plus the shipment costs to its customers. For instance, if you are just sending a letter they are likely to charge you $0.25. other bulk items will be charged differently depending on their weight.

If you are looking for the best shipping company to handle your cargo shipping needs, then do not hesitate to contact them. Kindly visit their website; today and get your shipping problems solved by their shipping experts.

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