TradeGala Launches B2B Fashion Marketplace


Kuganeswaran Thangarajah, a fashion industry veteran, has created TradeGala to fill a gap in the market for B2B fashion platforms. The site combines a B2C style user interface with the ability to conduct transactions in bulk. With its recent partnership with DIT and the fashion industry, TradeGala is helping emerging brands enter the international wholesale market. To help the fashion brand navigate international trade, the site has also launched a B2B fashion marketplace.


If you are looking for wholesale clothing suppliers, TradeGala is your go-to resource. Their online wholesale marketplace is designed to make the whole process of sourcing wholesale products faster, easier, and less expensive. TradeGala focuses on cutting-edge technology to make the process faster, easier, and less expensive for both buyers and sellers. Brands can showcase their collections, analyze trends, and target an increasingly diverse customer base. To find wholesale clothing suppliers, simply browse the product categories to find the perfect fit.

TradeGala is a B2B fashion marketplace that connects wholesale clothing suppliers with retail buyers. Wholesale clothing can be found in a variety of styles, colors, and occasions. Free shipping is available in the UK. To access TradeGala's prices, simply register and log into your account. Thousands of products are available in categories like men's clothing, women's clothing, and more. The website also offers wholesale prices and free shipping for UK sellers.

The TradeGala website is both free and paid. Suppliers sign up online with either the website or the app. They then list their products and wait for buyers to place orders. Wholesale buyers use the website or app to place orders and receive notifications of the shipment. Buying and selling products on TradeGala is a win-win for all involved! You can make money by selling wholesale fashion items, and you can even earn commissions on the sales!

eFashion Paris

TradeGala is an online marketplace for international fashion brands, enabling buyers to browse the newest products, styles, and trends. It also offers brands the opportunity to connect with thousands of international retailers and buyers in one convenient location. TradeGala launched with 24 brands, including Marc Angelo, Goddiva, and City Goddess. The trade fair also features labels such as Hugz Jeans, Versa Forma, and Gold Lunara.

TradeGala is a B2B platform that offers a seamless buying and selling experience for retailers and wholesalers. Its user experience is reminiscent of that of a B2C marketplace, and it has helped emerging brands break into the global wholesale market. TradeGala is also partnering with the Department of International Trade (DIT) to help fashion brands navigate the global wholesale market. It is possible to source clothing, accessories, and more directly from manufacturers and distributors.

In addition to being located in the fashion capital of the world, eFashion Paris provides buyers and sellers with access to local Paris-based brands. With over 50,000 SKUs, the selection on the site is huge. TradeGala believes that fashion wholesale marketplaces are the perfect solution for both buyers and sellers. They help both fashion buyers and sellers find products that they want and make sales. You can use eFashion Paris to find the perfect items for your business.


TradeGala is an online fashion marketplace that connects global buyers and sellers. It features 24 international brands in a variety of categories including active wear, casual wear, and Versa Forma. TradeGala eFashion allows buyers to choose from a wide selection of brands, including emerging fashion designers and established brands. The site also offers a convenient marketplace for buyers to view and compare products and compare prices.

The trade-ga-la platform connects wholesale vendors with retailers. The website features a diverse range of wholesale clothing, categorized by occasion, color, style, and more. You can order products with free UK shipping, but you must register to view prices. Once you have registered, you can browse the catalogue of products and find the best deals. It also offers great customer support, and you can contact the seller through live chat and email.

eFashion Shanghai

A new concept in wholesale clothing is emerging in China: TradeGala. This innovative platform helps buyers and sellers outpace changes in the market. With cutting-edge wholesale buying technology, it enables brands to show their full product ranges, identify trends and target an ever-growing customer base. Hundreds of international brands, including eFashion Shanghai, will participate in the event. TradeGala will help buyers find the right suppliers for their products.

eFashion London

TradeGala connects fashion buyers with international labels, making it as easy as popping to the supermarket to buy the latest trends. With brands including J. Crew and Armani, the trade gala is the ultimate platform for fashion buyers. A comprehensive selection of clothes and accessories is available to suit all tastes, from evening gowns to casual crop tops. And you can browse garments by size, shape, and price.

The TradeGala marketplace allows brands to display their collections and analyse trends. With 24 brands from around the world, TradeGala brings together buyers and international suppliers. TradeGala has a wide range of categories for buyers, including casual wear, active wear, and Versa Forma. The site is user-friendly and has an impressive selection of products. Thousands of international buyers can find products in a range of price ranges, styles, and materials at affordable prices.

Unlike traditional trade shows, TradeGala offers a more convenient way for buyers to source international labels. TradeGala's platform allows buyers to browse entire collections and place orders online. They also offer payment protection and customer service from a centralised location. And they're open 24 hours a day, which makes it convenient for buyers. But that's not all - TradeGala has a huge database of over 300,000 items.

eFashion New York

eFashion New York, which is taking place from May 15 to 19, will feature an international B2B marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together. The website, which specializes in fashion wholesale products, will allow retailers to browse new products and brands, and registered brands can connect with thousands of buyers and retailers from all over the world. TradeGala is a comprehensive online marketplace that features 24 different brands and categories, including active wear, casual dresses, and Versa Forma.

To use TradeGala, suppliers need to register online, choose the platform that best fits their needs, and upload their products for sale. TradeGala wholesale buyers can then place orders through the website. Wholesale buyers will then be notified of their orders. They can place orders, pay for their purchases, and receive shipment confirmations. It is as simple as that! The website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.