Totally Promotional Review


The products offered by Totally Promotional are known by many consumers. If you are a business owner, you can use this online store to buy promotional products and create a brand that consumers can remember. In this article, we will take a closer look at the various products offered by the company. We will also explore how to get the best deal on promotional products from Totally Promotional. We will also examine how the company has managed to gain consumer recognition through its website and product lines.

Totally Promotional's

The company's employees are always smiling, and the Totally Promotional website is no exception. The human resources department has adopted a policy of offering all-day, every-day interview slots in order to accommodate job seekers. A committee was also created to foster fun in the office and celebrate events, like Cinco de Mayo. Employees are also recognized for their birthdays, anniversaries, and new hires.

Totally Promotional's company has seen its total workforce grow by more than 40% since January. Officials have devised an innovative mix of recruitment techniques, such as flexible interview times, social media posts, and increased starting wages. The company has also implemented a variety of recruiting methods, including social media posts and brand promotion. The company has also implemented a range of signage and brand promotion to increase brand awareness. As the promotional product industry has been hit by the pandemic, the company needed a comprehensive plan to increase the number of applicants and keep current employees engaged. As a competitive employer, Totally Promotional faced stiff competition from retail chains and other large companies for the same pool of candidates.


Totally Promotional has an impressive list of available products for promotional marketing. Their products are designed with the latest trends and technology, including top-of-the-line APIs. As a result, consumers find their products appealing. To learn more, read the Totally Promotional reviews below. We've also compared the company to popular competitors, such as Aflac. Totally Promotional also has a number of helpful resources.

product lines

Totally Promotional offers a diverse selection of products to promote a business or organization. The company offers custom printed items such as banners, napkins, drinkware, stuffed animals, and blankets. The company has been growing every year to meet the needs of businesses, government agencies, schools, and individuals who want unique party supplies. Their product lines now include a wide variety of products from tote bags to table covers and lanyards.

Totally Promotional products comply with California's Prop 65 warning laws. The company affixes the warning to necessary products for shipment to California. Customers who resell or distribute Totally Promotional products must also affix a California warning label to the product. For more information on this regulation, visit their website. If you are a California resident and would like to purchase products for your business, contact the company.

recognition among consumers

The Totally Promotional site offers a wide range of promotional products and services that can help you brand your business and gain consumer recognition. Unlike other websites that may try to sell you anything that's not really a promotion, this one offers the option of putting a logo or message on a variety of items. You can order a logo mug, lanyard, bag or table cover to promote your business, or any other kind of promotional product.