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$0.00 is a wholesale search engine that can help you start and maintain a profitable retail business in the current economic climate by connecting you with thousands of wholesale suppliers. Top Ten Wholesale, a B2B platform for the wholesale industry, is owned by

The search engine directory offers access to more than 30,000 suppliers, with a collective offering of more than 1,000,000 wholesale and closeout products.

The search engine is a paid inclusion site, which uses a pay per click system, meaning that advertisers pay to appear on its search results, and pay each time a visitor clicks on a search result that takes the visitor to the supplier's website. They have an excellent directory of wholesale vendors that cumulatively can offer hundreds of thousands of products that you can sell to your customers. You can place an order for bulk orders from some of the suppliers who do drop shipping and they will ship the items directly to your customers for you. The great thing about using is that you do not have to be a major retailer or wholesale in order to place an order, since many vendors have low or no minimum order requirements. If you have an Amazon, eBay, flea market, or brick and mortar retail business, you can find products that can match your needs.

Since the suppliers that appear on the search engine are paying for their exposure, they are all eager to do business with new customers. Thousands of suppliers all ready to ship products to your customers.  All you need is an internet connection and you can start exploring their product offerings in no time. You can sell products in bulk to get the best deals, since this will allow you to purchase as well in bulk, or you can start by ordering trail sized orders, and see how your customers respond to the products. 

The great thing about finding suppliers through is that you don't have to pay any access or membership fees, plus, you have an opportunity to market the products before you actually order them. In order to do this you need to contact your customers through email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and attempt to gage interest for the items before you place an order from a supplier. You can even list the products on eBay, or on your own website, and only purchase the products once you have presold them. Once you have established a solid contact with a wholesale vendor, or with a potential customer, you need to make sure that you follow up, since maintaining positive long term relationships is crucial in business. While as a reseller you might not be accustomed to preselling products, you never know how well this sales approach can work for you until you try it. By consistently sending out a few messages every week you can soon have hundreds of potential buyers.

Since wholesale gives you access to a huge selection of products you can expand your horizons and try out the potential of different categories. Although most of your customers might be shopping for brand name dresses, they will certainly need other products as well. You can either try to offer your current customers other products, or you can look for new customers who might be interested in other types of merchandise.

There are so many retail categories, and subcategories, that you can build so many different types of retail businesses, especially due to the low cost of creating and marketing a new website.

As you can see has a lot to offer to any retailer. Whether you sell wholesale clothes, electronics or other items. You can get the products that you need to keep your customers happy.

You can also sign up a supplier, and use to sell your products to resellers. You can grow your business and gain a lot of profits by selling beyond your local market, especially if you start exporting your products worldwide.

You can set up an ecommerce site through GoDaddy or Shopify, or list your products on Amazon and eBay, and instantly start reaching customers throughout the world. Make sure that you offer as many payment options as possible to facilitate transactions. Utilize an email service such as Aweber through which you can build and maintain an email list. You can use this email list to send out product offers to your customers, as well as share interesting and helpful content.

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