Topper Liquidators Review


If you're looking to save money on a huge variety of products, you might want to try Topper Liquidators. This business deals in almost any type of product, from apparel and wedding and evening gowns to electronics and cosmetics. You can even buy home decor, antiques, and jewelry. It's important to note, however, that the site does not sell food. You can also find building and hardware, and automotive parts.

Topper Liquidators is a non-durable business

Liquidators are companies that buy and resell products that have expired or are no longer in fashion. Currently, these companies are targeting the non-durable goods industry. They buy items from various manufacturers and retailers and then resell them. Liquidators are now the preferred choice for environmentally conscious people because of their ethical practices and high-quality products. This business is also profitable for consumers.

It pays cash for closeouts

Whether you're looking to liquidate your overstocked items, get rid of excess stock, or sell your scrap metal, Topper Liquidators is your solution. The wholesale lot sizes available here can fit any budget and need. Their buying power matches that of large corporations. If you have closeouts to dispose of, Topper Liquidators pays cash for closeouts. They purchase discontinued merchandise, salvage, and excess stock, and can meet the resale restrictions of most manufacturers and retailers.

It accepts all credit cards and PayPal

It accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and Discover. In addition to accepting credit cards, it also accepts Venmo and PayPal Credit. Business accounts can accept payments through Venmo and PayPal. Business accounts can link to a bank account for easy access to funds. A merchant can link one bank account to an account for multiple payments. PayPal can also integrate with a Business Hub for easy payments.

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It employs 2 people

Topper Liquidators is a company based in Hallandale Beach, Florida, United States. They specialize in general merchandise, nondurable goods, and wholesale trade. They have been in business for 7 years and have generated $265,572 in revenue annually. The company employs 2 people at a single location. They have a credit score of 700 and pay its employees at a very low rate.