Top Ten Wholesale Magazines For Retailers


Wholesale magazines are periodical publications with advertisements and detailed information about products in the market for retailers and customers as well. Some of them include:

1. Independent Retailer
2. Retailers Forum
3. Solomayoreo [SOLO]
4. Retailing Insight Trade Magazine
5. Web Wholesaler Magazine
6. Swap Meet Magazine
7. Closeout News magazine
8. The Trader Magazine
9. Wholesale Manager Magazine
10. Asia Sourcing Magazine

Independent Retailer Magazine
Previously known as the Independent Grocer Magazine, Independent Retailer Magazine was launched in 1981 for grocery owners. The magazine is always produced after two weeks for convenience purposes. It targets a specific market of any independent grocery owner with less than ten outlet stores. Information in the magazine is brought together by a dedicated team that covers a series of information that includes; product reviews and the latest information about the grocery retail sector. Its main focus is fighting for the rights of independent grocery retailers.

Retailers Forum
This particular magazine contains monthly advertisements about merchandise for online retail sellers or retail stores from wholesalers. It offers them a variety of merchandise and gives them an opportunity to compare the different prices of each item.

Solomayoreo Magazine
It is the first magazine customized specifically for Latino retailers in the United States. Solomayoreo provides Hispanic retailers with advertisements about products and services in their native language. It has a wide range of products including; foods, toys, music, footwear, and appliances.

Retailing Insight Trade Magazine
Retailing Insight Trade Magazine is exclusively published for sole proprietors and managers of music, books and gift stores. Their advertisements are limited to the three; they also offer a variety of the mentioned products at the prevailing wholesale prices.

Web Wholesaler Magazine
This magazine provides the latest information to wholesalers about all the available merchandise and where they can get them. It also offers business ideas and statistical information about whatever is selling online. Industry trends, management strategies and business growth patterns are also available in the magazine. The prevailing price lists of products are also compared to inform retailers of the best prices.

Swap Meet Magazine
It informs swap meet vendors and flea market retailers with information concerning wholesale sources around the nation. Different types of products are advertised, including merchandise and wholesale gifts. Retailers simply get access to a large pool of wholesalers with different products at different prices.

Closeout News Magazine
Closeout Magazine simply connects retailers and closeout sellers on a monthly basis. Dealers rely on the magazine to advertise about their hottest closeout, overruns, and surplus.

The Trader Magazine
Trader magazine focuses on advertising a variety of products to retailers who buy bulk commodities in the United Kingdom. It includes a variety of products bought in bulk such as phones, clothes, books, and jewelry.

Wholesale Manager Magazine
This is a magazine specifically customized for wholesalers, cash and carry businesses and retailers. It contains statistical information about market trends and prices.

Asia Sourcing Magazine
Asia Sourcing Magazine consists of procurement procedures for retailers that enable them to link and engage with wholesalers. It also offers information about a variety of products but the major ones are fabric and textile products. It is a worldwide magazine that not only focuses on the Asian market but also the rest of the continents. This is a magazine specifically customized for wholesalers, cash and carry businesses and retailers. It contains statistical information about market trends and prices.