Top 5 Used Clothing Wholesalers in Florida


Top 5 Used Clothing Wholesalers in Florida

Did you know the average American spends $1,700 a year on clothing? And most of these aren’t recycled properly so they end up in landfills. If you could stack the thrown-out clothes the pile would be as tall as a pyramid!

Fast fashion may seem like no big deal when you’re not paying attention, but get your share of research done and see how a single piece of clothing is eating away at our planet. It’s only the greener choice to stop purchasing a piece of clothing every 3 weeks because you simply liked the color.

Apart from that, there are people who like to buy used clothes to resell. Either way, you can get clothes by the pound or by the bale to get them for the cheapest.

What is “clothes by the pound/bale?” Used wholesale clothing stores like Goodwill have a fixed rated for any type of clothes by the pound. It’s normally a dollar something at Goodwill’s per pound of clothing. If you cross the 20 pounds mark, the price reduces a little. Here, you can get a lot of items aside from clothes are really cheap rates. And these “bundles” of clothes are termed bale.

5 Used Clothing Wholesale Warehouses in Florida

So, where can you purchase used clothing by the bale? There are tons of textile recycles and liquidators who sell secondhand clothing by the pound. If you can pay by the pound, that gives you more control over the things you end up adding to your cart.

Florida houses some great used clothing wholesalers. These are our top choices.

1. Used Clothing Wholesalers

Used Clothing Wholesalers is based in Orlando, Florida, and specializes in selling used clothes among many others. You can get clothes by the bale for super cheap.

On top of their affordable prices, they hold sales from time to time, discounts ranging from 15% to 50%. The store also stores shoes, accessories, and used luggage carriers.

Used Clothing Wholesalers claims to handpick the best secondhand clothes for their clients. This is why most of the finds in the store are of decent quality. They sell bales by AAA standards.

The best part is that they are open seven days a week; Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 9 PM.

2. Global Wholesale Used Clothing

Shopping at Global Wholesale Used Clothing is super convenient. Not only can you shop single vintage pieces like t-shirts and hoodies, but you can get bales of different varieties.

There are two types of bales - summer mix and winter mix. You can also get a bale of premium dresses, a bale of children’s clothing, and much more for about $500.

To offer a more customized experience, Global Wholesale Used Clothing offers a “Design your box” worth $100. You can choose the number of items ranging from 10 to 100,000 items. The box will be curated by a fashion specialist.

There are mystery boxes as well where genders and ages are mixed up so you won’t know what’s coming your way until you open the box up.

3. House of Liquidation

At the House of Liquidation, you can handpick the items you want for your resale business. In addition to selling by the bale, this brand has won partners’ hearts by categorizing their finds into two sections.

All kinds of clothing, shoes, and accessories are sorted into two different groups: Credential and Mixed. In Credential, you will find the untouched, unsorted donations left in the exact same condition and original bags the donators left them in. In mixed rags, everything is turned and tossed before being sold by the bale. The minimum weight of a bale is 1,000lb.

4. Dis Vintage

Dis Vintage was started in 2004 by industry experts Danny and Ingrid Sabban. Over the years, they have grown into a reliable name in the market. Their supply chain extends all the way from Asia to Africa to Europe to bring you a special choice of clothing.

Items are divided into three sections: Vintage department, used clothing, and mixed rags. Their inventory caters to locations all across the globe. Primarily, Dis Vintage deals in bales worth 100lb of 1,000lb.

If you’re planning on becoming a long-term supplier in this market, you can work as one of Dis Vintage’s partners as well. Dis Vintage comfortably handles ocean freight containers and trailer loads of clothing.

5. Glad Rags Closeouts

Glad Rags Closeouts has been a proud wholesaler of used clothes in Miami for over two decades now. They have successfully supplied merchandise throughout the world. Their competitive prices paired with good finds have made them a household name in North America.

The clothing section is distinguished into two categories: Premium and special. With the first one, that is their highest grade of secondhand clothes. The items go through two cycles to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Special clothing isn’t new but it’s as close to new as you could get. Most of the things in this store are sold by the bale - minimum weight 100lb.

Bottom Line

Demand for used clothing is on the rise. Purchasing and reselling from used clothing wholesalers can be a great business idea. It’s environment-friendly and cheap! We hope you found what you were looking for.