Top 5 Underrated B2B Advertising Agencies For Wholesalers And Designers Servicing New York


Top 5 Underrated B2B Advertising Agencies For Wholesalers And Designers Servicing New York 

Are you a wholesaler, or designer, wondering if you should hire a B2B advertising agency, but not sure if it’s necessary? If so, this article will set out to provide you with some clarity. Before we go any deeper into why your wholesale business could benefit from a B2B agency, let’s get a few definitions out the way.  

The term B2B, in case you were not already aware, stands for Business to Business. It is generally used to refer to an organization that provides goods or services to other businesses. On the opposite side of the spectrum are your B2C companies. These are businesses that provide products or services directly to customers. As you may have already guessed, it stands for Business to Consumer. 

What Is A B2B Advertising Agency? 

A B2B advertising agency, as the name suggests, is a company that provides marketing services to other businesses. These agencies can either be full-service or single-serviceFull-service B2B advertising agencies provide services from all ends of the advertising spectrum. While single service agencies are specialists that focus on only a few aspects.  

Outside of these. There are also niche agencies. These are unique B2B advertising agencies that offer very specific services to only the subset of businesses that fall in their expertise. 

Can Wholesalers Benefit From A B2B Advertising Agency? 

There are a variety of reasons for a wholesaler to hire a B2B advertising agencyThese reasons range from discovering new markets to increasing your bottom lineThe top 3 benefits that a wholesaler stands to gain from hiring a B2B marketing agency are: 

Cost Reduction 

Many marketing executives believe that outsourcing their advertising is an expensive venture.  But this is far from the truth! Hiring a B2B advertising agency is in most cases, cheaper than operating a small in-house team. That’s right! Training and recruitment of full-time employees run up a hefty billYour business would be able to significantly reduce these costs by hiring a B2B advertising agency with an affordable pricing model. 

Quality Leads and Brand Awareness 

Lead generation is an essential part of B2B businesses. Reaching quality leads ensures that your sales teams are equipped with potential conversions. A fluffed lead list that focuses on quantity instead of quality will cost your business money to weed through. Extending not only your overhead costs but also detracting from acquiring sales. 

A B2B advertising agency can help to promote brand awareness. This will attract targeted leads from retailers and other wholesale buyers who already have an expectation of the type of products that your business provides. Granting you an increased ability to easily convert these leads into clients as they already have an interest. 

Time Management 

When it comes to B2B business time is actual money. That might sound cliché, but it is accurate. Many companies in the industry run in debt because they spend too much time in the research phase instead of sales. They run into analysis paralysis, search for leads, studying the market, doing data entry, and other routine tasks. All while their competitors are out closing the sales they should have gotten.  

Consider outsourcing these time-consuming marketing tasks to a B2B advertising agency. They can handle your content writing, appointment setting, email outreach, research, and even data entryThis will free up the 50 – 60% of work time that your in-house teams spent on those tasks. That you will, in turn, be able to redirect to conversions. Boosting your annual revenue while significantly reducing your overhead cost.  

Top 5 B2B Advertising Agencies Servicing New York 

Now that we have explored what a B2B advertising agency and why your company would benefit  

from one, let’s dive into our top 5. The advertising agencies featured on this list are known in the industry for amazing projects yet often overlooked.   

#1 Gretel 

In our top spot, today you’ll find Gretel. The company is responsible for the major June 2020 rebranding of National Instruments’ 40-year-old brand. Gretel rebrand the company under just NI. This was after a solid months working with the company’s marketing executives to nail down on messaging and brand strategy. 

In addition to this, they were able to revamp the company’s entire image. Giving them the ability to appeal to a more modern clientele. This included changing the brand’s color and launching a new logoAs a resultNI’s introductory campaign was able to feature human-centric ads. Ads that typically highlight a company’s functionality and tech specs.  

The market is changing, and your business needs to be equipped to evolve with it or get left behind. You can get in touch with Gretel by contacting Larissa Marquez at or 212.226.6211. 

#2 Renegade, LLC 

Next on our list is Renegade. An NYC advertising agency that is one to watch in 2021. is one Its comprehensive and award-winning revamp of Case Paper’s brand is one the city will remember for decades. This included a total rebrand of the company’s collateral, direct mail, social media, and websiteAllowing Case Paper to zero in on a story statement that is impactful yet simple, “On the Case”. 

Renegade’s approach of radically simplifying B2B advertising sets a standard that not many will be able to successfully duplicate. You can get in touch with Drew Neisser, the CEO & founder at, or 646-838-9000 to discuss your brand strategy. 


Over the past two decades, SMA NYC has cemented a reputation for producing outstanding B2B advertising throughout the state. This integrated all-media agency has dubbed themselves specialists in B2B buyers and sellersAnd they have proved this to be true on various occasions throughout the years with notable clients such as BDO and Kyocera. 

You can get in touch with Bob Rose, the president of the agency at or 212.843.9900 to discuss your brand strategy. 

#4 Walker Sands 

Landing the fourth spot on our list is Walker Sands. Though not physically in New York, they have done significant work with huge NY B2B companies. This may be a surprise to some as they are predominantly known throughout the B2B industry for their amazing PR servicesBut Walker Sands also offers a range of advertising services to B2B companies. Including, but not limited to, demand generation, creative services, and brandingWalker Sands have successfully worked with a lot of notable companies, including SiteLockCloudcraze, and G2 Crowd. 

You can get in touch with Bob Rose, the president of the agency at or 212.843.9900 to discuss your brand strategy. 

#5 The Rise Agency 

Closing out our list is the Rise AgencyBut with their main office in Matawan, New Jersey, they offer full advertising services to companies in New York.  

The successful project they have had with the rapidly growing cybersecurity giant, White Ops is what has landed them on this list. Rise Agency’s“Keep It Human” campaign draws on the value of the services that White Ops provides and hammers in the value their product offers against bot fraud. 

You can get in touch with their Chicago office at (312) 267-0066 or Fax: (312) 648-6015. 

Bottom Line 

Opting to onboard a B2B advertising agency can provide your business with a variety of benefits. Including, but certainly not limited to, decreasing overhead cost, improving brand awareness, and landing quality leads. It is a decision that warrants a bit of thought. But, if you are ready for your business to break into new markets, it may be worth the effort.