Top 5 Trucking Companies For Retailers And Wholesalers In New York


Trucking companies are an essential element of the global transportation system for retailers and wholesalers, moving wholesale goods along highways and roads. Some bigger trucking companies also offer other forms of transportation such as by sea, air, and rail.

Top 5 Trucking Companies For Retailers And Wholesalers In New York

New York is home to some of the best trucking companies in the nation and these are our top 5.

1. First Fleet

Founded in 1986, First Fleet has consistently provided top-notch dedicated transportation all across the United States. The company owns over 1,800 tractors and 4,500 trailed and operate in 29 states. Apart from serving all 48 states, their services extend to Canada and Mexico.

They made a mark for themselves through their highly skilled workforce and premium equipment. Another great thing about this carrier is their customized services option. You can shape the way you deliver your goods to get the most out of First Fleet.

For the company, safety is the first concern. To make sure their drivers and deliveries are always safe, they introduced the “Rewarding Program.” Drivers with perfect driving records would get incentives to keep up their performance. In essence, they are constantly motivating their employees to perform well on the road with keeping safety in mind.

With over 280 truck drivers who are some of the best in the industry and millions of miles under their driving record, First Fleet is undoubtedly one of the top choices.

In addition, they are always trying to improve general performance. Services include:

·       Stability control devices

·       Late-model equipment

·       Real-time fleet tracking

2. CSA Transportation New York-New Jersey

As CSA Transportation operates throughout the U.S. as well as Canada, they are able to offer cost-effective transportation services for their clients. Since their inception, CSA Transportation has worked on building a national network that has helped them become a leading trucking company in North America.

They are essentially a Less Than Load (LTL) trucking company that moves over 550 loads each month. They offer scheduled daily dispatch and competitive rates. You can be sure that their services are always going to be efficient.

Additional LTL services are:

·       Cargo insurance (You can also get full risk cargo insurance)

·       Curbside delivery

·       Delivery appointments

·       Lift-gate for delivery and pickup

3. Sea Transfer Corporation

Vincent Chester Sr. along with his partners founded Sea Transfer Corporation in 1940. They started working day and night to provide the best services to their customers. Given their years of experience in the industry, Sea Transfer Corporation makes up an important sector of the business.

As one of the best companies based in New York, they offer a wide variety of services. Their high-quality equipment enables them to move all types of cargo, like:

·       General freight

·       Non-towed vehicles

·       Steel containers

·       Hazardous materials

·       Beverages

·       Cargo sensitive to temperature

Sea Transfer Corporation prides their responsive and effective services for every customer. Moreover, they’re HazMat certified. Thanks to their diversified equipment, it’s gotten easier for them to deliver trucking solutions perfectly. Amongst those solutions, these are noteworthy:

·       100% company truck drivers

·       Company owners’ tractors and trailers

·       Dry van trucking service

·       Flatbed trailers capable of hauling oversized loads

·       Drop deck trailers

4. On Time Trucking Inc.

Based in West Babylon and Farmingdale, New York, On Time Trucking Inc. provides liftgate delivery. Two important factors that go into making them one of the top trucking companies in the region are their competitive rates and their reliable, fast services.

If you want your load to be taken care of properly and delivered on time, On Time Trucking is the way to go. Their trailers feature liftgates of30 to 52 feet, so servicing any good is no task at all.

Their services have been around since 1983, providing a feasible trucking solution from New York.

Truck Load (TL) And Less Than Truckload (ATL) premier cartage service providers are housed in a secured facility equipped with a state-of-the-art surveillance system worth $150,000. Rest assured, your cargo is safe with them.

On Time Trucking offers:

·       28 door terminal in Farmingdale, New York

·       28 door terminal in West Babylon, New York

·       Liftgate and inside delivery

·       24/7 dedicated line haul

·       Distribution

·       Container station pickups

·       Weekend delivery

·       Rail delivery and pickup

·       Residential deliveries

·       Labeling

·       Expedited delivery

·       Warehousing

5. Ward Transportation

Ward came into being in 1931 with two trucks, one of which belonged to the founder and the other to a different truck driver. With time, the company grew into:

·       A 600 trucks’ fleet

·       Over 5,000 shipments

·       10,000 clients

Safe to say, their network is amongst the most responsive and reliable ones in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast regions. Ward’s network terminals respond swiftly to all requests for LTL services as their customers’ facilities are located 2 hours away from a few of the terminals.

Plus, they offer customers an extended service to an additional 18 states through their partner communications.

LTL service centers are located in:

·       New York

·       New Jersey

·       Virginia

·       Illinois

·       Pennsylvania

·       North Carolina

·       Ohio

·       Maryland

·       More services:

·       Long trucking services

·       Short trucking services

·       Overnight delivery

·       Supply chain

·       Warehouse