Top 10 High-End Designer Wholesale Handbags


Do you want to know about the best high-end designer wholesale handbags that are currently available in the wholesale market? Then take a look at our top 10 high-end designer handbags. 

Top 10 High-End Designer Wholesale Handbags 

Designer handbags have been part and parcel of noblewomen’s attire since the industrial revolution. And in the 21st century, it has reached a new high for fashion and class altogether. Moreover, designer handbags aren’t exclusive to the wealthy anymore, which makes the sighting of these magnificent handbags more common. 

But that being said, if you are on the market to stock your boutique with the best high-end designer wholesale handbags, we have got you covered. Because in this article, we will break down our top 10 picks as the best high-end designer handbags currently available in the market. So that you can take a peek at the best of the best. 

What is a Designer Handbag? 

Before diving into the best designer handbags, let’s first get acquainted with the word designer handbag and what exactly we look for when we use the term designer handbag. 

In simple terms, a designer handbag is a handbag that a master designer crafts. But in broader terms, we can say that designer handbags are expertly crafted handbags that are made with exclusive designs that increase their values and uses high-class materials, which ensures durability & longevity. Some people define it as a part of a women’s jewelry.    

Top 10 High-End Designer Handbags 

Here are our top picks regarding the top 10 most appreciated high-end designer handbags that are currently available in the market: 

1. Alexander McQueen Sculptural Large Pouch 

When you think of high-end designer handbag, one name that will come forward is Alexander McQueen and their signature designer handbag, the Alexander McQueen Sculptural Large Pouch. 

This perfectly made 100 percent lambskin leather pouch is quilted with black floral and comes with a beautifully knit detailed silver handle which also 100 percent organic. 

The handle also offers magnetic closure, and the pouch is well equipped to handle large-screen smartphones and devices alike. So, if elegance is what you are after, then this high-end designer pouch from Alexander McQueen is what you are looking for. 

2. Balenciaga Neo Classic  

Now, suppose you are looking for a high-end designer handbag but don’t want to break the bank. In that case, there is only one option that delivers the quality with an affordable budget, and that is Balenciaga’s Neo Classic handbags. 

This series of handbags are made with 100 percent grained calfskin, which gives the handbag extra durability with mesmerizing elegance that we all wish for. With Nappa bonded lining made of lambskin and twin leather handles which are handmade, the Neo Classic is without any doubts a gem in the designer handbag industry. This handbag is available in 11 different colors. 

3. Burberry Quilted Monogram 

An Italian classic is what people refer to as the Burberry Quilted Monogram. This designer handbag's exquisite design and craftmanship are unlike any other, as this bag comes with quilted lambskin monogram attached with the iconic Thomas Burberry Monogram clasp.  

The outer and lining of the bag are made of 100 percent lambskin leather, while the trim is made of 100 percent calf leather. The exterior slip and interior zip pocket allow ample space while the interior is divided into two compartments that are accessible via the fold-over top that provides clasp closure.  

So, if you want an out-out stunning designer handbag, the Burberry Quilted Monogram is the one you’ve been looking for. 

4. Celine Triomphe  

Elegant that what comes to mind when you first look at the Triomphe series from Celine. The outlook of this designer handbag is quite unique while being simple. The core material for this handbag is calfskin with lambskin lining to give the utmost pleasant experience for the users. The interior can be divided into three separate components, which provide an adequate amount of space for necessary items. 

On the exterior, you will find Triomphe metallic closure with gold metal hardware. The leather strap is adjustable with cross-body and shoulder carry feature. This bag is available in 18 different distinctive color variants.     

5. Celine Teen Soft 16 

One of Celine's most desired designer handbags, the teen soft 16, is made of 100 percent calfskin and has no other added leather components preferred for users who enjoy only one sort of leather component in the interior exterior and exterior lining.  

It comes with turn-lock closure, and the interior is divided into two compartments; there is also a zip pocket located inside. The removable strap is longer than most which is pretty useful for regular usages. There are only three-color options available for this product. 

6. Chanel Gabrielle Bag 

One of the latest acquisitions in the designer handbag market, the Gabrielle bag from Chanel is beloved by many due to its bold design and attractive outlooks.  

The first impression that you will receive upon holding the handbag is the lightness and the stable base. The aged calfskin leather is sure to make a great impression upon touch. The twin metal chains come in three distinguished tones, and they are gold, silver & ruthenium. And last but not least, it comes with the signature diamond stitching that Chanel is known for.  

So, if you want to have a bold and beautiful designer handbag, then look no further than Gabrielle.  

7. Dior Mini Lady 

If you want a compact experience with your designer handbags, then the Dior Mini Lady is for you. This lambskin-made bag comes with carnage stitching and something Dior is quite famous for. 

The silver lining with the DIOR name on the exterior adds more class to the overall product that you will definitely fall in love with. So, overall, it is a perfect bag for someone who is looking for elegance with a designer’s touch.  

8. Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Souple 

This handbag from Louis Vuitton serves as the reference to the time when the brand was just a trunk maker but provided the elegance and magnificent designs that you look for in a designer handbag. 

With its monogram canvas and leather corners, this bag gives a beauty statement that is hard to find in other handbags in the market. The gold colored chain is also a plus to the beautification.  

So, overall, this cowhide leather trim bag is definitely a piece of art that you should have in your showcase, to say the least.    

9. Prada Matinee 

Prada is known for simplistic yet fashionable products, and the Matinee handbag lineup holds up to that statement. This soft leather bag is recognizable by its elegant silhouette and simple design.  

With magnet closure and Nappa leather lining, this bag is an excellent option if you want to bring in class and style in your daily office life or in workplaces. This bag is available in three colors. 

10. Hermes Chaine d’Ancre 

Of all the other designer handbags mentioned in this article, the Hermes Chaine d’Ancre stands out the most due to its graphical representation of the enigmatic Chaine d’Ancre motif. The core material for the bag is calfskin. It comes with removable straps and the marvelous interior compartment design that Hermes is known for. 

Final Thoughts    

High-end designer handbags give the satisfaction that you just can’t achieve through standard handbags, if you are going to aim for high spending costumers, it is better to source the best designer products available from wholesalers. 

Hopefully, this article shed light on that matter and helped you find the handbag you were looking for. So, what are you waiting for? It's time for you to embark on the journey of designer handbags, and best of luck!

Note, with all products, and especially with designer handbags, you need to ensure that you are buying only authentic and genuine products. You should always be diligent in doing your research, including determining how a supplier obtained the handbags that he or she is selling.