Tom Csanger and Rhoda Thomas Are Creating a Crowdfunding Film


After writing the bestselling "Without Warning" about the SS Athenia's sinking, Tom Sanger decided to take his story to a new level. With the help of crowdfunding, he is creating a film version of the story. Tom and his wife, Kay, will executive produce the film. They have also set up a website to help raise the necessary money to make it.

Tom Csanger

During his time at the Sanger Institute, Tom Csanger has worked on a variety of projects. He has a background in public accounting and is a member of the firm's R&D Tax Services group. He has performed studies for a variety of industries and has successfully defended companies in federal and state examinations. In addition to his work in public accounting, Tom has experience in the fields of IT and business process re-engineering.

Kay Sanger

Tom Sanger's book "Without Warning" focuses on the story of the SS Athenia sinking. He realized that the story needed a wider audience, so he and his wife Kay are executive producers of "Athenia's Last Voyage," a documentary film about the sinking. It will raise funds through a crowdfunding website. Kay Sanger is a veteran journalist and public relations executive.

Rhoda Thomas

Originally from England, Rhoda Thomas, who was 17 years old when the ship was torpedoed, is one of the most well-known sea survivors. She was among the crew of the City of Flint when the tragedy occurred, and it was in her lifeboat that her bravery would be put to the test. After the attack, Thomas volunteered to help passengers climb the lifeboat's rope ladder, and she stood for the first hour and a half. While standing, another passenger asked Rhoda to hold her infant, and she was so glad to oblige.

Rhoda Thomas survived the attack and returned to America after the tragedy. She wrote about her experience at, and her story is inspiring and moving. Rhoda Thomas is a real inspiration. If you are looking for a true story, consider reading Rhoda Thomas's account of the fateful night. You'll be glad you did!

Tomas Gayton

Tomas Gayton has a long and varied career. In addition to being a school board member, he served as state employment security director, worked for Boeing, and taught history. He also spent time as an FBI agent and a fund-raiser for a museum project. While he has never been a politician, Gayton's background is a great asset to the museum.

When Erikson asked Gayton about the drug program he was involved with, he said that he was trying to apply for funding to help him. He told Erikson that he had been required to go to probation three times in order to serve his sentence. He was not successful in either, but he continued to meet with probation officers and apply for funding. This is one of the few times Gayton has testified in court.

The Civil Rights Attorney, now retired, was raised in Seattle, WA, but still lives in San Diego, CA. He is the grandson of pioneering African American families. He has published more than 60 books of poetry, co-founded the San Diego Poets Press, and taught several verse writing classes. He has travelled the world and considers poetry his life in verse. And, he has a beautiful website to boot.

Grose had expanded his influence with white property owners after the great fire of 1889. During this time, Gayton's ancestors immigrated to Washington from Kentucky and Ohio. Gayton's ancestors included Lewis Clarke, a prominent black abolitionist who had escaped from bondage with his brother Milton. A branch of Gayton's family moved to the state in 1891.

While Erikson did not admit that he was a felon, his testimony was highly prejudicial. Erikson claimed that Gayton had made no effort to comply with his probation. His testimony constituted perjury and made him look like a failed probationer. A perjurous testimony is prejudicial at a parole revocation hearing. While the jury agreed with Erikson that Gayton violated the rules of probation, the court found that Erikson had no tactical reason to rely on the probation file.