• Tips on how to distribute merchandise in Trinidad and Tobago


    Tips on how to distribute merchandise in Trinidad and Tobago

    In order to know how to distribute merchandise in Trinidad and Tobago, one of the most important things is to know about the companies that offer the service of distribution, some brands, what products are suitable for the region and some locations. 

    How to distribute merchandise in Trinidad and Tobago – Distribution companies

    • Massy Distribution: one of the secrets of the success of this company is that it has a brand management internal organization system. This is because they understand that each brand has a specific way to be successful and so one person, a qualified manager, is in charge of positioning in the highest possible position regarding its competitors in the market. They also know that to answer the question about how to distribute merchandise in Trinidad and Tobago, supplying all the drugstores, supermarkets, hospitals, groceries and other general shops is the key to be an eligible company.

    • HADCO Ltd.: after twenty-five years of hard work in the Caribbean, this distributor is proud of the divisions it has achieved in this market. It has found a very good niche by commercializing wine and other spirituous drinks and it represents Banrock Station, Blackstone, and Clos du Bois, among many other renowned ones. 

    • AP Scott Trinidad Limited: innovation seems to be the motto of this company of distribution that knows very well how to distribute merchandise in Trinidad and Tobago. Food, personal and professional care, housing, paints, hardware, and pharmaceuticals are examples of what it distributes. Goods and services arrive at the market of consumption of the Caribbean through the traditional shops such as drug stores, supermarkets, delicatessen and other kinds of retailers, and AP Scott is in charge of making Fa, Repechage, Panacea Biotec, and Biofreeze, among many other brands, arrive at the final consumer’s hands. 

    Suitable products for Trinidad and Tobago’s market

    Wholesalers and retailer have the last word when it comes to deciding on which are the best products for a particular area. Trinidad and Tobago are in the Caribbean, a tropical area that has specific requirements. Therefore, people have shown preferences for this kind of products: 

    • Personal care: this can be considered one of the top kinds of products. In an area where the sun hits so hard, skin and hair care are very much consumed, especially in areas such as Pointe-à-Pierre and San Fernando, which are seaside locations.

    • Household products: products such as cleaning products and paints to offer to the visitors the best view by brightly colored houses are in high demand in Trinidad and Tobago. 

    • Makeup: in the city of colors, we couldn’t expect women’s faces to be pale and colorless. Makeup is a good market niche for locations such as Siparia and Point Fortin, where ladies want to highlight their best attributes either under the sun or swimming in the blue sea.

    • Medicine: this area is hit by the typical tropical areas’ diseases, so medical products are welcome every location of Trinidad and Tobago. 

    These are only examples of how to distribute merchandise in Trinidad and Tobago because other areas such as frozen food, hardware, pet food, wines and others are also welcome.