Thousand Dollar Day Swap Meet Tips


Swap meets are a fantastic market for launching a new retail business, or for obtaining an ancillary income stream for your already existing retail store.

Budget conscious consumers visit swap meets on a religious basis. There isn't a country that doesn’t have a variation of a swap meet. So no matter where you live, you can

travel and set up a booth at a swap meet.

Some swap meets draw in literally thousands of individuals over on a Sunday. That's thousands of eager customers with money in their pockets, ready to purchase on an impulse.

I spent a season selling merchandise at the Columbus Farmers Market and at the Queens Aqueduct Market. I used these swap meets as an opportunity to build my wholesale business. I made contacts who I sold wholesale merchandise to. Selling at a swap meet also helped me better understand the needs of my flea market and swap meet customers.

Exactly how can you benefit from the appeal of swap meets, while making thousands of dollars a day?

Thousand Dollar A Day Flea Market Idea # 1.

A lot of merchandise. Consumers are limited in their buying ability by what you offer. If you desire your clients to buy a lot, you need to provide the goods for them to purchase. There certainly is a relationship between the amount of goods a supplier has, as well as how much he makes.

If your budget is tiny, search for affordable impulse products that you can use to fill up your stand.

Most of your budget needs to be spent on your quick selling items. If you can, fill your table with just top selling items, and replenish your inventory only with those quick selling items. But if your quick selling products don’t enable you to meet your sales goal, then try to find an affordable wholesale resource of trinkets or dollar priced merchandise.

Keep in mind, customers are attracted to vendors that have alot of products to offer. You want to develop loyalty among your shoppers, and the best way to develop that loyalty is being providing great service, needed items, and affordable prices.

Thousand Dollar A Day Flea Market Suggestion # 2.

Top quality sways consumers who would otherwise base their decisions on low cost. Consumers are enlightened as well as understand that low price often equals poor quality. Your goal should be to always have high quality merchandise, even if that means having to charge higher prices than various other vendors in the swap meets. Customers will certainly appreciate your merchandise if it is high quality, and will certainly be willing to spend even more money on it, and even better, will refer other people to your spot.

It's because of customer’s appreciation for high quality products, that swap meets vendors can earn money selling brand name items. Even though the brand name products set you back more than their generic counterparts, consumers favor top quality products and will pay a premium price for merchandise produced by brand name and designer labels.

Thousand Dollar A Day Flea Market Pointer # 3.

Construct consumer commitment. You want customers to see you as a steady vendor. Rent the exact same area, bring the same sort of merchandise, and ensure that you have a constant and steady supply of inventory for sale.

Thousand Dollar A Day Flea Market Pointer # 4.

Make sure that you don’t focus on being the lowest price vendor. While being the lowest priced vendor can increase the volume of your sales, a priced based strategy will greatly limit your profits. The only time that I would recommend competing on price is when there is a vendor in close proximity to you who is selling the same merchandise that you are, but at a substantial discount as compared to your price.

I personally would prefer to compete based on product offerings. In other words, my competitive strategy would be to obtain wholesale merchandise that other vendors are not selling, and demonstrate to shoppers that my merchandise is of better quality than similar items that are available from other vendors.

Thousand Dollar A Day Flea Market Pointer # 5.

Move up the food chain when it comes to buying wholesale merchandise. Generally speaking, the higher you can move up the food chain, the better prices and merchandise you will be able to obtain. Instead of dealing with a local distributor, try to find the wholesaler that is supplying the distributor. Even better yet, try to import the merchandise directly, this way you can receive the best possible price.

Thousand Dollar A Day Flea Market Pointer # 5.

Explore every wholesale channel source. You can find amazing closeout deals by attending bankruptcy auctions, visiting closeout warehouses, buying out excess inventory from brands, and purchasing pallets of overstock and store return merchandise.

If you are in the New York area, you should check out the auctions run by Eliot Millman Auctioneers, AJ Willner Auctions, and Maltz Auctions. At auctions, you can often buy merchandise for pennies on the dollar.

You can also find great closeout deals by visiting the Off Price Show,, and the ASD Show,