The Top Ten Wholesale Directories In The Closeout Business


Wholesale directories are an important tool in the retail industry. They have the ability to give retailers a complete list of drop shippers and wholesalers. These two groups alone account for a great deal of business in today's retail industry. Drop shippers and wholesalers allow retailers to sell merchandise that they don't personally own in bulk, but rather in small quantities. This gives retailers the ability to offer a wide variety of products at more affordable prices.

You can also use a wholesale directory to connect with manufacturers, importers, established brands, up and coming designers, upstart brands, and closeout brokers. Each of these entities can be a great source for unique and popular wholesale items.

You can locate wholesale directories by searching online, contacting trade groups that represent suppliers, by contacting the US Chamber of Commerce, and by contacting the commercial attache of embassies that represent the countries from where you would like to import products. 

The wholesaler/drop shipper relationship has long been a problem in the retail industry. Retailers often are charged by middlemen wholesalers excessive markups and after factoring all of their fixed and variable expenses, retailers receive little or no profit in return. By purchasing directly from true wholesalers, retailers can eliminate this mark up advantage that is often added by middlemen. This allows them to offer the best possible price to customers. With today's economy, it is becoming increasingly difficult for retailers to survive without being able to purchase directly from the sources. Having said this, there are times when it makes sense to purchase from middlemen, such as when a good wholesale price is offered, and when the middlemen have lower minimum requirements than the actual primary supplier of the product.

A wholesale directory is a searchable database of wholesalers and drop shippers. By entering the key terms of your desired product into the search field, you will be returned with a list of wholesalers and drop shippers that are associated with that product. Retailers can then review each directory to learn about a particular drop shipper before making a purchase. The advantage of using a directory instead of having to research individually is that you will have access to information about multiple suppliers, rather than just one.

Wholesale directories are very easy to use. Once you find the directory that has information on the wholesalers and drop shippers you wish to work with, simply put their names in the search field, and begin searching. You will be provided with contact information such as a telephone number or email address. You will also have access to their wholesaler membership status which will indicate if they are a member of any drop shipping organizations. Many retailers choose to become a member of one or more wholesalers because it allows for them to save time on order fulfillment.

What is a wholesale directory? is a question asked by many retailers online today. While it is true that the wholesale industry is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide, most people do not know where to turn to get started in this industry. A directory can provide these individuals with a list of numerous wholesalers located all around the world. In addition to being able to find potential wholesalers, a directory can also provide valuable information such as pricing and payment options which can assist potential retailers in finding the right kind of business to work with.

What is a wholesale directory? is a question that many online retailers around the world ask themselves daily. With millions of product selections to browse through, finding a product to sell can sometimes be overwhelming. When researching a wholesaler to work with, always check to see if they are an authorized dealer for the item or products you wish to sell. This will help to ensure that your business is protected from suppliers who may provide you with counterfeit or stolen merchandise.

Below is a list of some of the top wholesale directories in the closeout business: