The Top 5 Clothing Manufacturers in Italy


If you're interested in learning more about clothing manufacturing in Italy, there are many different places to find them. Here are some of the most prominent names in the industry. Read on to learn more about Donisia, Gruppo Texil3, Hismos, Spendolini Maglieria, and more. Then, you can decide which Italian clothing company is right for your brand. You'll be glad you did!


Donisia, a clothing manufacturer in Milan, was established by Domenico Siano in 1975. The company grew to become D4Zero, a high-quality womenswear manufacturer whose philosophy is to listen to customers and carefully monitor production. It also believes in building relationships with clients, and maintains a clear line of communication with all departments to ensure that the finished product meets the customer's expectations.

The process of choosing a clothing manufacturer in Italy can be complicated, especially if you don't know where to begin. Sewport's secure platform and secure payment system make selecting the right production partner easy and secure. With its easy-to-use interface and secure payment system, you can find the right clothing manufacturer for your brand in Italy. Sewport also offers assistance for new fashion labels. To begin searching for the right production partner, you must consider the following factors.

Spendolini Maglieria - A clothing manufacturer, the company was established in 1960 as a workshop to create knitwear fabrics for small businesses. Today, it offers a comprehensive range of knitting production services, including research, material sourcing, laundry, tailoring, and even design. Gruppo Texil3 - Another clothing manufacturer in Italy, Gruppo Texil3, specializes in high-end woven shirts. It also makes shirts with collars and cut-away collars.

Gruppo Texil3

This Italian company specializes in high-end woven shirts, and also produces modular corner systems for perfect furniture. They also offer marketing support and international customer service. The group is a member of the Venice Textile Manufacturers, an alliance of 6 textile companies. Each company focuses on a different kind of textile, such as textile, apparel, or leather. They can produce over 1,400 shirts a day.

Working with a manufacturing company is a good idea. A clothing manufacturer can provide you with the professional guidance you need to start your own fashion line. This can help your ideas flourish and make them come to life. Look for their contact details, including their location, website, and email address. The company can also help you with your sourcing needs. By working with a clothing manufacturer, you will be able to avoid a lot of time and money spent on research.

The Donisia brand was founded in 1975. Its founder Domenico Siano had a deep passion for cutting and allocation. They have outstanding staff and leadership that can meet different demands for quality and style. They treat creativity as a gift and pay close attention to the technical aspects of producing garments. They also produce garments at various price ranges for both domestic and international customers.


Hismos is a leading manufacturer of professional women's clothing in Italy. The company was established in Naples in 1978 and specializes in tailor-made designs. Customers can choose from a wide range of sizes and styles. Hismos also offers tailored services and bespoke design. The company has a global presence and works with a variety of prestigious brands. Their mission is to offer high-quality clothing that fits every woman and man perfectly.

Choosing an Italian clothing manufacturer has many advantages. The Made in Italy label is highly valuable and the people behind it are knowledgeable about fashion and take pride in their work. Made in Italy garments can be exported worldwide, to any EU member state, without any additional tariffs or administrative costs. Another advantage of Italian clothing is that it is comparatively inexpensive to ship. In addition, garments made in Italy have a high-quality finish that is second to none.

Another Italian manufacturer is Gruppo Texil3. Located in the north of Italy, Gruppo Texil3 has more than 100 employees and a daily production capacity of over 1,400 shirts. Their partners include the Venice Textile Manufacturers alliance. This group of six companies dates back to 1499 and is a consortium of fabric manufacturers and apparel designers. Each company has a unique focus and specialization.

Spendolini Maglieria

Spendolini Maglieria, a clothing manufacturer located in the south of Italy, has been around since 1960 when it was founded as a workshop producing knitwear fabrics for small businesses. They offer everything from fabric sourcing to research and design to knitting and tailoring. Another Italian clothing manufacturer is Gruppo Texil3, which specializes in high-end woven shirts. For the discerning consumer, the results are a true piece of art.

Spendolini Maglieria is another leading Italian clothing manufacturer. This clothing manufacturer was founded in 1975 by Domenico Siano, who cultivated his deep passion for cutting and allocation. Using a talented staff, he created a company that is able to satisfy a wide range of fashion demands and customer demands. Their attention to detail and technical aspects in the production of their garments allows them to cater to Italian and international customers with a range of prices.

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There are many factors that contribute to the slow growth of the Clothing manufacturers in Italy. Many local firms produce high-quality clothing, but are losing jobs as foreign competition becomes more competitive. Meanwhile, the Chinese of Prato have rented out abandoned warehouses and set up factories. These Chinese manufacturers offer speed, efficiency, and productivity to Italian apparel manufacturers. They export millions of low-cost garments across Europe. Confindustria, the trade association for Italian textile manufacturers, estimates that the low-cost garment business is worth more than 2 billion euros per year. In Prato, only one-third of the clothing manufacturers are Italian.

If you're looking for high-quality clothing, consider working with a manufacturer in Italy. There are many small manufacturers in Italy, and you can visit them in person for more personal service. The Italian economy is highly competitive, and you can expect to receive top-notch customer service in exchange for your business. Several of these companies have a wealth of experience. One such company is HOPLITES. The staff members of HOPLITES have a combined experience of more than 30 years in the high-quality clothing industry.

Made in Italy is an internationally recognized brand. The high-quality, luxurious clothing and accessories produced by Italian manufacturers are synonymous with elegance and quality. The Italian textile industry has claimed supremacy since the late Middle Ages. Made in Italy fabrics are luxurious, lightweight, and at the forefront of fashion trends. Its established textile mills have earned an outstanding reputation for quality, and their products have become a symbol of prestige and Italian craftsmanship. A recent study suggests that Italian textile manufacturers will earn over $2 billion a year.

Mode Srl

Best Mode is an Italian clothing manufacturer that combines the great tradition of Italian fashion with the desires of the market. Its distinctive style is defined by the "innovative touch" it gives to the products by incorporating the latest trends and lead technologies into the designs. Its garments have a unique, elegant style that can be easily recognized. They are based in San Sebastiano Al Vesuvio, Italy.

Founded in 1990, Mode Srl is an Italian manufacturer of knitwear. It has offices in Prato and Carpi. The staff of Mode Srl has over twenty years of experience in the manufacturing of knitwear. They have been growing and gaining market share in a highly competitive industry for over twenty years. Their motto "Always developed in the name of research" speaks for itself. This company has a highly specialized manufacturing process and is able to offer its customers quality clothing at competitive prices.

Mode Srl also produces men's shirts. Founded in 1960, Spendolini Maglieria is one of the oldest Italian clothing manufacturers. It started out as a workshop that made knitwear fabrics for small businesses. Today, it offers full-service knitwear production, including material sourcing, laundry and tailoring. Another Italian clothing manufacturer is Gruppo Texil3. This company specializes in producing woven shirts with a wide range of collars and cut-away cuffs.


GESYS is an Italian clothing manufacturer that produces high-quality made-in-Italy clothing. They offer low minimum order quantities and high-quality, low-price ratio. Their range of women's and men's clothing features both classic and modern styles. GESYS is a great place to start your search for Italian-made clothing. You can browse their extensive range of stylish products or even order a sample to try on.

GESYS is a clothing manufacturer in Milan. They specialize in making a variety of clothing products for women. They use natural and synthetic fibers to create stylish, comfortable clothing. Their designs are tailored to women's specific measurements and fit. GESYS is one of the few Italian companies that offers custom-made clothing. They are also fully funded by Petro Banks International. The brand is now available worldwide.

The label Made in Italy carries significant value in the clothing industry. Made in Italy means that the garments were manufactured by people who understand fashion and take pride in their work. GESYS products can be shipped to any country in the world, including the EU, without incurring additional tariffs or administrative costs. This also means that you'll enjoy the benefits of Made in Italy clothing. These benefits are just a few of the reasons why GESYS is a clothing manufacturer in Italy.