The New Charity Shop Wholesale in Citrus Heights


The founders of Charity Shop Wholesale, Mike and Samantha Scott, are not your typical retail owners. They have two California locations, one in Dixon and the other in Citrus Heights. A portion of their profits go to charities nationwide. The owners, who were unavailable for comment due to illness, say that they carefully inspect the items in their stores to ensure that they are of a high quality. While they do not offer refunds, you can get store credit if you decide not to keep something. In addition, you can try the items on before you leave.

Charity Shop Wholesale

The new Charity Shop Wholesale store is a unique retail concept that uses company returns to benefit local charities. The new store, located at 1025 North First Street between CVS and Viva Market in Citrus Heights, will sell goods that would otherwise be discarded by other companies. The store is not a traditional retail space, as all items are thoroughly inspected before being sold. Its inventory includes items that are overstocked, damaged or returned from large retailers. This means you can get them for nearly half the retail price.

With its powerful retail management tools and charity-specific reporting, CHARiot covers purchased goods. It also features a Gift Aid module that offers the only recognised route for charity retailers to claim Gift Aid on rag purchases. Whether your charity shop is a small local operation or a national chain, CHARiot is ideal for your organization. No matter the size of your shop, CharityStore will give you the tools you need to improve your sales and reduce costs.

White Brothers

Whether you're a small regional charity or a national chain, White Brothers is the place to go for the latest wholesale products. The company supplies charity shops with a wide range of brand-new products, ranging from socks and underwear to designer handbags and branded toys. White Brothers' customers include both large national and regional organisations and support a variety of worthwhile causes. Interested in becoming a charity shop? Contact White Brothers today to find out how you can get started!

Bank & Vogue

Charity shops are becoming increasingly popular as consumers look for environmentally friendly products. Bank & Vogue is one such retailer. Since opening its first Beyond Retro stores in London 17 years ago, the company has raised over $100 million for charities. The company sells donated clothing and other household items in their shops. Unlike many other retailers, these stores cater to a younger consumer base, and they rarely encounter people in their fifties and sixties.

By combining used textiles, recycled materials, and sustainable sourcing, Bank & Vogue is helping the fashion industry and the environment at the same time. Their centralised processing system means that they can do everything from sorting to reselling vintage garments. They also partner with companies to recycle post-consumer textiles, including clothing. The recycled materials are then used to make new clothes. In addition, the company has worked with big brands to improve its social impact.