The Meaning of IMASD


The full form of the IMASD acronym is Internet Marketing Association of Surplus Dealers. This website has various definitions including Technology, Portal, Liquidation, and Liquidation. You can find one of the meanings of IMASD in 1 different table. In addition, you can learn more about the website through the articles below. The Imasd website is an online community that has numerous resources to help you find the meaning of IMASD.

Imasd Loft

Imasd Loft features a comedor/coworking area with two 1,80 x 90 cm tables and seating for up to eight people. The spacious space is ideal for co-working and gatherings. The space is also equipped with Profoto and Elinchrom lighting. The 70s aesthetic creates a warm, intimate environment that's perfect for any photo shoot. And, of course, the room is totally private.

In addition to the creative spaces, the Imasd Loft features a diverse selection of workshops. Among the workshops and classes offered are gastronomic photography and styling, composition, and storytelling. Whether you're looking for a unique setting for a photo shoot or want to try your hand at making a film, the Imasd Loft has the space for you. And it's located in the center of Barcelona, making it a great location for a photo shoot or a cooking class.

The Imasd Loft is an event space unlike any other in Barcelona. It's located near the Marina metro station, so you can easily reach it with public transportation. Parking is available nearby for free or at a price. However, make sure to plan ahead. There are parking lots available, both paid and free, and a nearby train station. Its central location makes it easy to access by car and from other areas. For more information about this Barcelona event venue, please visit its website or contact the Imasd Loft directly.

The Imasd Loft hosts workshops with destacated and diverse photographers. Over the past year, it hosted 14 workshops. Upcoming guest photographers include Mara Saiz and Pablo Garcia. Soon, the space will be home to a gallery and KLUID HOUSE. It will also host special exhibitions and film shoots. If you're interested in exhibiting your work in Barcelona, don't miss this amazing space.

Space owner

To contact the owner of an Imasd Space, please read through the profile of the Imasd Loft. If you are interested in booking the space, you can find its opening times on the profile. In addition, the owner has a "live availability" feature that shows whether or not they are open. You can also contact the owner directly to inquire about any other details. The owner will also provide their contact information and the address of the space.

Opening times

You can check out the opening times of the Imasd Loft on its profile, which will show you what the owner is open for each day. You can also view live availability of the Imasd Loft and book a reservation outside of these hours. The Imasd Loft is an interdisciplinary space with natural light, cement pillars, and a 3m high ceiling. The Imasd Loft is also open on Sundays and holidays, if you need to book your stay on a Sunday.