The LA Wholesale Fashion District


The LA fashion district is one of the most dynamic and sought-after business districts in America spanning 100 blocks of pure fashion ecstasy. Considered a wholesale discount paradise, the LA fashion district operates on a free market model that allows individual store owners to negotiate with customers with ease and sell as much as they please. The market comprises 80% wholesale fashion stores that stock the latest styles controlling the way the world responds to fashion from LA fashion district perspective. 

The fashion chain at the district has all stakeholders in the fashion world represented including the designers, wholesalers, retailers, and buyers. The designers host trade fairs that showcase the latest trends and make pitches to test the market ahead of release dates. These trade events are not open to the public but are a meeting point for upcoming and established designers who come together to elevate the fashion industry and sample the creativity of the fashion world. 

Generally, the district makes preparations for five market weeks every year but they are increasing due to the entry of new international players who have discovered the power and influence of LA fashion district as a commercial hub for fashion. Apart from the conventional market weeks organized at different times in the year, the new trade entrants include the Source British which showcases the British fashion culture resplendent with apparels, fashion accessories, gifts and art wares as well as unique footwear with a British touch. The British Source trade show usually takes place at the California Market Center periodically.

The other new tradeshow the ALT LA which is an abbreviation for Athleisure and Lifestyle Tradeshow also takes place at the California Market Center in its own timing. As the name suggests ALT LA fashion is a market that showcases fashion products inspired by healthy and proactive lifestyle values. As such these products include Yogawear, Swimsuits and Beach apparel, Fitness clothing and Activewear including wearable technology for monitoring vitals while exercising as well as designer casual outfits for outdoor activities.

The management of the tradeshows makes preparations for sample sales mostly on the last Friday of the month outside the market week period, whereby the public is allowed to purchase in cash any product on display. This is a unique tradition that allows buyers a rare opportunity to purchase end-of-season fashion masterpieces at greatly discounted prices for a limited period of time.

Apart from the main wholesale market, the Santee Alley which is the crowning retail shopping heritage of the LA fashion district is one of the most looked-for shopping destination for buyers. The Santee Alley stays open throughout the year including on holidays. 

The 150 store-strong fashion Alley is known for its incredible bargains and lively sales ambiance that is never hampered by weather changes. Products of every type are on sale including apparel, footwear, fashion accessories, beauty and cosmetic products as well as other artwork gifts. There are also sections dedicated to male fashion as well as products exclusive to kids of all ages. 

The unwritten rule of the Santee Alley is that the more buy the better price bargains you stand to gain.