The Gomars Customer's Guide to


This article will discuss the Customer's responsibility to review and approve charges for orders, GOMARS's rights to use Customer Content, and GOMARS's liability for misuse of copyright and incorrect products. The Customer is also responsible for obtaining a refund for incorrectly shipped items. To learn more, read the article below. We hope this information will help you make more informed decisions regarding your online purchase. Please review all charges before placing an order.

Customer's obligation to review all charges

Gomars' terms and privacy policies govern the use of its services. If you choose to provide Gomars with personal information, you must obtain the necessary rights from the copyright or other owner of the content. If you provide Gomars with third-party information, you must obtain permission to use the information for marketing or promotional purposes. Gomars reserves the right to refuse service and remove or edit Customer Content.

When making a payment through, you must provide a valid credit card. Gomars will charge the card on file for any charges based on billing terms and Services selected. You cannot receive a refund if you cancel or do not log in. This also applies to prepaid Gomars Services. Please note that cancellation requests will not be honored if you do not log in for the full period.

If you are a corporate customer, you can make use of Gomars' corporate websites. The content you submit to Gomars is owned by Gomars. Unless otherwise specified, Gomars does not grant licenses or transfer ownership to content on Customer sites. Customer Content is solely responsible for its use, including for any adaptations or commercial purposes. For this reason, you must carefully review the terms and conditions before making a payment for the Service.

If you fail to review all charges at, it may result in account termination or suspension. If the Customer fails to review all charges, Gomars reserves the right to cancel the service and rescind any refunds. You should also note that it may delete archived data from Customer accounts after 30 days of termination. However, this should not happen unless the Customer has previously notified Gomars.

GOMARS's right to use Customer Content

The Gomars website and Services may contain Customer Content. Customer Content must be owned by the Customer or have appropriate distribution and licensing rights. This license includes adaptations and commercial uses. Gomars may not resell Customer Content without the prior written consent of the Customer. If Customer Content is not owned by the Customer, Gomars may use it for promotional or other purposes. However, the Customer retains ownership of the content.

Customers may provide Gomars with Feedback or other content on its website. This Customer Content is not stored by Gomars, nor does it provide storage space for electronic files. Gomars may back up data stored on its servers to ensure operational efficiency, but is not required to backup Customer Content. The customer is responsible for backing up all Customer Content on its servers. However, if the Customer deletes the Customer Content, it may retain it for a reasonable period of time.

The customer agrees to abide by all applicable laws. If Gomars violates the law or this Agreement, it may stop providing the Service to the Customer. In such case, Gomars will not be liable for any consequential, incidental, or exemplary damages. The customer also agrees to indemnify Gomars if Gomars has a liability based on the Customer's Content.

Customers must register and maintain a valid email account. They must provide true and accurate information, including a password, to enable an account. The customer is responsible for maintaining the security of the account and for all uses of it. Gomars reserves the right to refuse registration or cancel an account. All users must abide by the terms of use and privacy policies of the relevant third parties. However, Gomars may use Customer Content for marketing purposes.

If a dispute arises about ownership of Customer Content, Gomars has the right to notify multiple parties and request resolution. Depending on the circumstances, the customer may be required to pay the balances owed on the account before Gomars will accept the transfer. If a person fails to pay any of the amounts due, this is considered a breach of the Terms and will result in the termination of the account.

GOMARS's obligation to provide refunds for incorrect products

If a customer's order is not as described, Gomars has the right to issue a refund. Customers may contact Gomars to request a refund or to dispute charges. Failure to dispute charges will constitute an agreement that the charges are valid and waive the right to claim a refund. This policy applies to both online and offline purchases made through Gomars. It also applies to returned products.

GOMARS is obligated to refund the price of the product if it is defective or incorrect. Customers who are not satisfied with their order may file a dispute within 7 days after the package arrives. GOMARS also offers replacement or full refund for products that have been shipped incorrectly or are incompatible with a customer's device. If a product is delivered with missing parts, GOMARS may offer a partial refund or resend the product only if the missing components are not damaged.

If a product is shipped incorrectly, the customer may file a refund claim by submitting a screenshot of the tracking information of the order. The screenshot should clearly state the order's name, date and content. If the products do not match the customer's expectations, GOMARS is required to refund the money. Customers may also request a refund if a product does not match their order's description.

When a product is ordered in error, GOMARS's obligation to provide a refund is based on the terms set forth in the user agreement. If a product is incorrect or not as described, the customer should contact Gomars's customer service immediately to request a refund. In addition, GOMARS may refuse to provide a refund to a customer who is unhappy with a product or service.