The Advantages Of Launching Your Own Fashion Brand


Have you ever dreamed of starting your own fashion brand?

Imagine if your brand becomes the next Calvin Klein or Tahari?

While the odds might not seem to be in your favor, keep in mind that every so often a new brand comes out of seemingly nowhere, and becomes a billion dollar success. You might as well try to be that next billion dollar designer.

In other words, while it can be an uphill journey, there is always a chance that your fashion brand can be the next clothing line to be worn by celebrities, and sold in department stores such as Macy’s and Bloomingdales.

Even if your fashion brand doesn’t become the next fashion colossus, there are plenty of advantages to launching your own brand.

  1. You get to set your profit margins as high as the market will bear. If your brand becomes popular, then you can meet the market demand by increasing your prices.

  2. You control your own product. You can increase production as needed, determine when and who to sell to (example: boutiques vs. department stores), and exert complete design control.

  3. As your brand becomes more popular, you can license its name, logo, and trademarks. Brands such as Disney, Star Wars, and Ralph Lauren, make hundreds of millions of dollars a year by granting licenses to use their intellectual property. Surprise, but many of the products that you see bearing a brand, are not even made by the brand. The brand owner simply charges upfront fees, and receives royalties, in exchange for granting companies the right to make products using its intellectual properties. 

  4. Owning a successful brand can open up doors for you in the fashion world. A successful designer can be hired by fashion houses to create new lines, as well as be approached by department stores that want to carry an exclusive selection of the designer’s styles.