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Ladies are always careful with their image. This can be seen with the vast amount of money and resources they use to ensure that they make a statement by how they dress, what handbags they carry, the make up brands they use. This means that the cost of an item will not limit them from going for that handbag they like. Going the extra mile just to be bold and unique seems to be what everyone is going for. Men also do enjoy these luxurious brands because they are able to make statements by giving these handbags as gifts. These bags are too unique to be found in wholesale retails thus making them a rare breed. Here is a list of the ten most expensive handbag brands.

1. Louis Vuitton ($1180 - $2050 USD)

Being made out of exotic, canvas and leather materials, this brand is widely known for it's elegant and outstanding designs which are instantly recognizable. This brand is named after it's founder.

2. Hermes ($4050 - $38500 USD)

This brand was developed in 1837 in Paris and it has surely stood the test of time. In today's world this brand speaks of wealth and style. This brand is common among top singers, actresses, politicians and fashion conscious women.

3. Mouawad ($3.8 million USD)

'Diamond expertise' is the best description for this brand. This is not your everyday expensive brand. This brand is expensive enough to hold the Guinness world record for the most expensive handbag in the world. Wholesale item? Never ever because getting diamonds is rare and so is this brand.

4. Chanel ($2145 - $6400 USD)

This brand is known for its exquisite handbags. It pays attention to detail thus making their bags match all the occasions. Their choice of color is also something that makes them a great choice.

5. Fendi ($2065 - $6000 USD)

Made from leather, this bags are guaranteed to turn heads when you step into a room carrying one. This brand is iconic and do not be shocked when you walk into a Fendi store and find what you wanted is sold out.

6. Celine ($1300 - $5700 USD)

This brand's handbags still remain very difficult to purchase due to the high demand and less supply. The 'Celine tote' has five versions and they are all made of leather.

7. Prada ($370 - $10000 USD)

This brand prides itself in its creation of widely sought impeccable designs. It makes wallets, tote and crossbody bags.

8. Lana Marks ($ - $ USD)

Lana J. Marks is the designer for this brand and her perfectionism has been a great contributing factor to the success of this luxurious brand. Lana prides itself in producing a variety of quality handbag collections.

9. Judith Leiber ($695 - $5995 USD)

The Ganesh clutch is the most sought after piece in this brand. The bags are artistic and elegant designed to match perfectly with your outfit. This brand is available in wholesale.

10. Gucci ($1150 - $32000 USD)

Finding some of the rare pieces in Gucci at a wholesale store is a dream. The Tote, which cost the highest of all the Gucci pieces has three compartments and is made of brown crocodile leather. This brand is among the most famous brands in the world.