• The 10 Best Flea Markets in New Jersey


    The 10 Best Flea Markets in New Jersey


    New Jersey has now become the destination for most bargain hunters. The city has a great scenery with beautiful beaches as well as a booming nightlife. There is much to enjoy in this markets, including, great antiques, great cuisines, cool gifts as well as cheap options. Most of this markets are open all-round the year, while others are open on selected periods and dates of the year. This article talks about the top ten Flea markets for vendors in New Jersey, the products in this markets, operations and many more features in these flea markets. 

    1. Berlin Farmer’s Market 

    It is one of the year-round flea market in New Jersey. This market is best known for foodstuff especially bakes, farm produce, dairy and meat. Other stuff include; clothes, furniture, car accessories and many more. The market also hosts a livestock auction an outdoor market. It is also home to Caribbean cuisine and the traditional Italian Pizza. The market has been family owned and has operated since 1940’s. The market has about seven hundred stall vendors and more than eighty five stores. 

    2. New Meadowlands Market

    It is an outdoor flea market, which opens on Saturdays and operates all year round. The market is within the Bergen County and hosts lots of vendors with a great variety of supplies and customers every end of the week. The New Meadowlands Market sells lots of goods and it has a wide range of food points, take-away as well as

    entertainment. Most amazing about this market is the free parking and the free admission. 

    3. English Town Auction

    It is an old market that has operated for over eighty years now. The English Town Auction is in the Manalapan Township and is one of the New Jersey largest markets. Also with free parking as well as admission, customers can enjoy a variety of products including; furniture, clothing, antiques, farm produce and much more. The

    market lies on over forty acres outdoors shopping space and only five indoor buildings. The market is operational on weekends; Saturday and Sunday, all year the round. 

    4. Manahawkin Flea Market

    This market has been operational for over seventy years now, with more than eighty vendors. It has both the indoor and the outdoor stalls with a variety of products to choose from. The market is mostly known as a farmers market with the indoor stalls opening every day all-round the year. Manahawkin Flea Market vendors also sells collectibles, homemade gifts as well as artwork. Hayrides, costume contests and tasty cuisines are also featured in this market. 

    5. Cowtown Farmers Market

    Just as the name suggests, this market is known for selling local farm produce. The market is opened two times a week; Tuesdays and Saturdays, all round the year. It is located in the Southern New Jersey and it is one of the oldest operating flea market, since 1926. The market hosts more than four hundred vendors, with both indoors and outdoors operations. Cowtown Farmers best sells farm produce, bakes, gifts and it is also best for family leisure. 

    6. Trenton Punk Rock

    The flea market is known for its historical Roebling wire works structures. This market is operated three times every year and during this times there are different events held at the location. The Trenton Punk Rock market offers a totally different experience as compared to other fleas in New Jersey. Its founder, Joseph Kuzemka left the legacy of punk rock, tattoos, art and coffee. It is the best market to find things such as vintage clothing, taxidermy and other unusual stalls. 

    7. Route 70 Auction and Flea Market

    The flea market has been family run for years and the market has been operational for thirty five years now. It is located in the Ocean County and hosts more than six hundred outdoor vendors selling a great variety of goods. Most common items it this market includes artwork, clothing, electronics, handmade gifts, antiques and


    8. Columbus Farmers Market 

    It is the oldest flea market, located in the Delaware Valley. It hosts more than sixty indoor vendors and many outdoor vendors too. The market is open three times a week and goes all-round the year. This market complex sells everything from farm produce, household items, clothing and seafood. The Columbus antique stores attracts collectors for their rare antiques as well as collectibles. 

    9. New Egypt

    This flea market has operated since 1959 and it is one of the best in New Jersey. It is located in the Cream Ridge and operates twice a week; on Wednesday and Sunday. The flea market hosts about forty historic shops and other outdoor vendors. In this market you will find artwork, antiques, furniture, home decor, gardening

    equipment, collectibles records and many more. 

    10. Collingwood Auction and Flea Market

    This flea market has been operational for more than fifty years now. It is located in the central New Jersey and occupies over 60,000 sq.ft. The market is open all-round the year and it hosts more than a hundred indoor vendors and five hundred outdoor vendors. The market is best known for home items, vintage, jewelry and many more. It is one of the best flea markets in New Jersey.