Ten Ways to Use Instagram for your Boutique!


Instagram is an incredible tool to market your handbags, dresses, or any of your wholesale products to your desired audience. Like many different businesses, boutiques should consider utilizing Instagram to help increase viewers and drive sales.  Properly using Instagram willl ensure that your target audience is reached for you to promote to.  

1-First thing you can try is to take photos and videos of your products. You then need to edit them so are more appealing to your viewers.  Try to capture your products in action and in different settings. This allows the user to see what it may look like when they buy it, and people can see the clothing without having to visit your boutique. 

2-Next, you can utilize the scheduling post feature to continually occur for your audience to receive constantly. Posting constantly will enable you to free up your time and provide constant content for your market. Scheduling posts will allow you to not worry about posting everyday, multiple times a day.  

3-A third way to promote your boutique on Instagram is to post customer reviews on your products. People love to refer to reviews before buying a product to know if it will be worthwhile. Providing reviews shows that you also care about your buyers/ followers opinions on your boutique. This allows you to hopefully learn where you should improve. 

4-Next, you could put coupons on your story. These coupons will entice viewers to try your product. It also helps increase potential clients by allowing them to buy your product at a cheaper cost. Coupons and sales are a good way to promote new products and build a following for it.  

5-Your fifth tip is to engage with your followers on Instagram live.  This will show that you truly care about your boutique and the importance of interacting with your market.  This will also allow them to see who you are, and to ask questions, make comments. Instagram Live will also instill trust between your followers and you.  

6-Another way to use Instagram is to comment on local or relevant photos and products. These relevant posts that you comment on will drive more people to your page.  This allows more people to find you, when they put in certain search options or when on relevant pages. Commenting shows you are active in the Instagram community.

7-An important tip to think about trying is creating a branded # . This hashtag represents only your boutique and brand. Having your own hashtag makes it easier for people to find and follow you.  With followers using your branded hashtag , you can reach a wider market by other people doing the work.  

8-The eighth piece of advice is to host contests and different events through your Instagram story. This engages your followers and allows them to actively participate and interact with you besides buying from your boutique. This shows you care more than just making money, but in the happiness of your followers/ buyers.  This gains trust with your followers and also demonstrates your caring for your boutique and relationship with them.  

9-Your second to last Instagram trick is to run Instagram ads through your story or the contests you hold.  This will help you make more money by monetizing your page and allow you to promote relevant products. You can also use ads of your boutique and your products that others can promote for you. 

10-Your last and final tip for your boutique to use Instagram is to add your website to bio and post notifications for your followers.  Adding your website to your biography will drive people to those sources for your boutique. Using the post notifications option and urging your followers to use it will ensure they receive and see your updated posts. Your goal is for them to not miss a thing, so adding your website and urging post notifications allows them more constant options to experience your boutique. 

All in all, those are ten ways you can use Instagram to sell your boutique's merchandise. Instagram is a great way to market your boutique to the masses. You can even set up affiliate marketing on your posts to make even more money. The options are endless, just work hard and be patient, and you will surely see results.