Target Gets Hip On Instagram


Target Gets Hip On Instagram 

Target is now utilizing Instagram to sell its products through social media.

If you thought the competition in ecommerce between retailers was already full blown, just wait until you see what's happening on Instagram. 

Target, likely soon to be followed by Walmart and Kohl's, is already fully immersing itself into the world of social media. 

Using social media, such as the Facebook website, to market your products, is definitely a sign of Internet savvy. Using social media to directly sell your products is a sign of Internet level genius. 

Retailers, from mom and pop boutiques, to international chains, should take note of the billions of people that actively look for information on social media. 

Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, can all increase their revenues by providing instant purchasing options. 

Using text and image recognition technology, the social media giants can connect consumers with retailers, at the exact moment that consumers interact with any post or image that features one of the retailer's products. 

This connection strategy can take pay per click advertising to a higher revenue producing level.