�’Every woman counts’’,is the beautiful slogan that brands the iconic Tally Taylor Inc.Found in 1995 with its headquarters in New York,Tally Taylor Inc. is mostly known for the signature women suits that they manufacture.It boasts of having an exquisitely beautiful collection of womens suits,evening dresses,accessories and hats.

Tally Taylor suits is a brand of 2-3 piece skirt suits that showcase elegant designs.The suits are made of fine fabric and are showcased in different types of color.The suit comes with a hat of the same color as the suit and can be worn to all functions.Tally Taylor suits provide affordable,top fabrics for women of all sizes.

Listed below are 10 Tally Taylor suits that will ensure every woman feels beautiful and look confident.they are stylish suits for numerous functions that will ensure every woman feels good about herself.

1. Tally Taylor Women’s Two Piece Two Tone Skirt Suit With Circle Print.

This is a beautiful garment with a cardigan neckline.It has a beautiful design of circle print that matches beautifully with the rest of the suit.It comes with a matching hat that adds to its style.It is available in two colors:ivory and brown.It is available for a range of sizes,6-26W,ensuring that most women can find it available.

2. Tally Taylor Women’s Three Piece Skirt Suit With Textured Striped Jacket

This is a suit that screams class and style.It comes in bold tone colors of either champagne or silver.The suit is accompanied by a beautiful textured striped jacket to finish off the stylish look.A matching hat similar to the suits color is also a beautiful addition.Available for a range of sizes,6-26W.

3. Tally Taylor Women’s High Low Skirt Suit With Printed Lining & Peplum Jacket

Available in the colors black and white.The skirt is designed to be of shorter length to the front and longer at the back.Its linings are printed with beautiful designs.It is accompanied by a peplum jacket.It is available for the sizes,6-26W.

4. Tally Taylor Women’s Three Piece Skirt Suit With Textured Striped Jacket.

A beautiful suit that would be ideal for your church functions or even the office.Fitted with a clerical collar that is different from the color of the rest of the suit.The skirt is straight upto the knees and then flairs beautifully from the knees.It comes with a textured Striped jacket to add to the style.Available in black/white,purple/white and white colors.Sizes available are 6-26W.

5. Tally Taylor Women’s Three Piece Skirt Suit With Jeweled Button & Detachable Fur Accents

Its classy.Suit is lined with jeweled buttons and has fur accents on the wrists and neckline that can be removed and worn again.Comes in the color Choco/Brown.A matching fur hat is also available.For sizes 6-26W.

6. Tally Taylor Three Piece Skirt Suit With Notch Lapel & Sequin Trims

An elegant suit.Comes in the beautiful champagne color.Has a matching hat in the same color.Ia available for the sizes 6-26W.Has a notch lapel and sequin trims.

7. Tally Taylor 4426 Three Piece Skirt Suit With Rhinestone Buckle.

Comes in the color burgundy.It has a beautiful silk look fabric with beautiful details on tank and skirt.A rhinestone buckle adds to the style of the suit.A matching hat is also available.Available in sizes 6-26W.

8. Tally Taylor 4480 Three Piece Skirt Suit With Double Layer collar and Rhinestone Buckle.

Has a silk look fabric.Comes in a variety of colors:Black/Red,Silver/Purple,White.The double layered collar and rhinestone buckle add to the beauty.The skirt comes at a nice length of 30’’.It has a matching hat and purse to add to the style.

9. Tally Taylor 4477 Three Piece Skirt Suit with Rhinestone Buckle

Available in a variety of colors:bronze,gold and silver.Ia a silk look fabric and has beautiful lace details on the skirt and tank.It is also accompanied by a matching hat and purse.Is available for the sizes 6-26W.

10. Tally Taylor 4482 Two Piece Skirt Suit with Rhinestone Buttons

Has a silk look fabric.Is available in the colors Black/White and Red/Black/White.Is available for the sizes 6-26W.It comes with a matching hat and matching purse to add to the stylish appearance.