Suriname Clothing Market


Are you looking to buy and sell wholesale clothing in Suriname?

While many retailers from this Caribbean nation come shop at my New York closeout warehouse, it's important to remember that there is a thriving local clothing market as well.

Suriname is the smallest country in South America. However, in regional academic literature, it has been repeatedly considered one of the largest Caribbean territories for many years. Traveling to Southern America can give you a lot of new experiences when it comes to food, tradition, and lifestyle. Among the others, Suriname is also a place of great fashion and style.

Suriname Clothing Stores

One particular place in Suriname is Paramaribo City. People usually have a notion that if a place is small and not popular, their fashion style isn’t the same. That’s where those misconceptions are wrong. You can call this big city a fashion capital too. Paramaribo is full of places to shop. In the city center there are different fashion stores, boutiques and especially a lot of Chinese fashion stores. Outside of the city center, there are two well-known malls – the Hermitage Mall and Maretraite Mall. These malls have European and American style dresses and clothes for men, women and children. Here are some of the clothing shops in Suriname.

· Dress Me Atelier Boutique - Specialized in designing and creating casual clothes, evening wear and bridal wear.

· Dress with Class – They do customized gowns and other formal wear.

· Kleermaker "Klerie" – A shop for customized adult clothing and children’s wear, they also have ready-made clothes for sale

Other Clothing shops in Suriname are:

1. Jeruzalem Bazaar

2. Shaay's Kids World

3. Bonita fashion

4. La Curacao

5. Leakat

6. Isamaria

7. Dojo

8. Dazzling Twins

9. Butterfly

10. Brasil Fashion

Suriname is not oblivious to the latest clothing brands that we use worldwide. International brands available in their clothing market include Lacoste, Nike, among many others. There are still a lot of shops in Suriname that is worth exploring, but you may need more than your slot of vacation leaves for that.

Suriname Designers

The fashion sense and style made available to the Surinamese are especially designed by its local designers. One of them is Nancy Herkul. Nancy was born in Suriname and relocated to Holland with her aunt when she was just a year old. At the age of nine she came back to Suriname and got to know her birth parents. She stayed in Suriname till the age of twenty five before returning back to Holland, where she now lives with her husband and son. She started an organization “Brand Me”, which is set to help Surinamese women brand themselves and their companies.

Another Surinamese fashion designer is Jurgen Patrick Joval. He was born in 1980, and the only boy among three children. A certain fashion program on TV sparked his desire for fashion. A person who struggled so much with his sexual orientation, Jurgen still managed to fulfill his dreams despite criticism. He already collaborated with organizations, companies, magazines and people like Chees Jewelry, Fernandes and Optiek Marisa among others.

A newbie in the popular fashion scene, Christel Nirk, a 36 year old Surinamese designer started out in 2014. In a short time she graced multiple catwalks, both local and regional, with her unique designs and had a lot of fashionistas screaming her name. She loves to create heavily embellished statement dresses inspired by the feminine form. Her attention to detail is seen in the intricate designs of her clothing.

Fashion and clothing styles can come from anywhere, and your passion for doing so can come as early as your childhood years or as late as your thirties. But no matter how early or late it may come, never stop fulfilling your dreams.