Suriname Clothing Market


Are you looking to buy and sell wholesale clothing in Suriname?

While many retailers from this Caribbean nation come shop at my New York closeout warehouse, it's important to remember that there is a thriving local clothing market as well.

Suriname is the smallest country in South America. However, in regional academic literature, it has been repeatedly considered one of the largest Caribbean territories for many years. Traveling to Southern America can give you a lot of new experiences when it comes to food, tradition, and lifestyle. Among the others, Suriname is also a place of great fashion and style.

Suriname Clothing Stores

One particular place in Suriname is Paramaribo City. People usually have a notion that if a place is small and not popular, their fashion style isn’t the same. That’s where those misconceptions are wrong. You can call this big city a fashion capital too. Paramaribo is full of places to shop. In the city center there are different fashion stores, boutiques and especially a lot of Chinese fashion stores. Outside of the city center, there are two well-known malls – the Hermitage Mall and Maretraite Mall. These malls have European and American style dresses and clothes for men, women and children. Here are some of the clothing shops in Suriname.

· Dress Me Atelier Boutique - Specialized in designing and creating casual clothes, evening wear and bridal wear.

· Dress with Class – They do customized gowns and other formal wear.

· Kleermaker "Klerie" – A shop for customized adult clothing and children’s wear, they also have ready-made clothes for sale

Other Clothing shops in Suriname are:

1. Jeruzalem Bazaar

2. Shaay's Kids World

3. Bonita fashion

4. La Curacao

5. Leakat

6. Isamaria

7. Dojo

8. Dazzling Twins

9. Butterfly

10. Brasil Fashion

Suriname is not oblivious to the latest clothing brands that we use worldwide. International brands available in their clothing market include Lacoste, Nike, among many others. There are still a lot of shops in Suriname that is worth exploring, but you may need more than your slot of vacation leaves for that.

Suriname Designers

The fashion sense and style made available to the Surinamese are especially designed by its local designers. One of them is Nancy Herkul. Nancy was born in Suriname and relocated to Holland with her aunt when she was just a year old. At the age of nine she came back to Suriname and got to know her birth parents. She stayed in Suriname till the age of twenty five before returning back to Holland, where she now lives with her husband and son. She started an organization “Brand Me”, which is set to help Surinamese women brand themselves and their companies.

Another Surinamese fashion designer is Jurgen Patrick Joval. He was born in 1980, and the only boy among three children. A certain fashion program on TV sparked his desire for fashion. A person who struggled so much with his sexual orientation, Jurgen still managed to fulfill his dreams despite criticism. He already collaborated with organizations, companies, magazines and people like Chees Jewelry, Fernandes and Optiek Marisa among others.

A newbie in the popular fashion scene, Christel Nirk, a 36 year old Surinamese designer started out in 2014. In a short time she graced multiple catwalks, both local and regional, with her unique designs and had a lot of fashionistas screaming her name. She loves to create heavily embellished statement dresses inspired by the feminine form. Her attention to detail is seen in the intricate designs of her clothing.

Fashion and clothing styles can come from anywhere, and your passion for doing so can come as early as your childhood years or as late as your thirties. But no matter how early or late it may come, never stop fulfilling your dreams.

Exploring the Flourishing Clothing Market in Suriname: A Tapestry of Style and Culture


Suriname, a hidden gem nestled on the northeastern coast of South America, is renowned for its vibrant culture, rich history, and breathtaking natural beauty. Beyond its lush rainforests and diverse ethnic tapestry lies a burgeoning clothing market that showcases the unique blend of influences and styles. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the Surinamese clothing market, its evolution, major players, traditional attire, fashion trends, and the cultural significance that shapes this thriving industry.

Historical Background:

Suriname's clothing market has been shaped by its historical background, reflecting the amalgamation of Indigenous, African, Indian, Indonesian, and Dutch influences. The clothing industry gained momentum during the colonial era, with the introduction of European styles and fabrics. Traditional clothing, with its roots in Surinamese cultural heritage, has evolved over the years, blending traditional elements with modern designs and fabrics.

Market Overview:

The Surinamese clothing market has witnessed significant growth in recent years, driven by a combination of domestic consumption and international exports. The local fashion industry consists of various segments, including ready-to-wear garments, traditional attire, luxury fashion, sportswear, and accessories. Suriname's unique selling points lie in its cultural diversity, creativity, and authenticity, which are embraced and reflected in the clothing produced.

Major Players:

The Surinamese clothing market encompasses a broad range of stakeholders, from established fashion brands to independent designers and local artisans. Surinamese designers and fashion entrepreneurs have made remarkable contributions, showcasing their talent both domestically and internationally. Notable brands such as House of Lofe, LuXuriant Clothing, and Rijsdijk Clothing have gained recognition for their craftsmanship, innovation, and commitment to sustainability.

Traditional Attire:

Traditional Surinamese clothing is a captivating fusion of various cultural influences. The Maroons, descendants of escaped African slaves, wear vibrant and intricately designed traditional garments known as "kotomisi" for women and "kotomisi man" for men. The Javanese community, hailing from the Indonesian archipelago, boasts the iconic "kebaya," a blouse worn with a sarong or batik fabric. The Hindustani community's traditional attire includes the stunning "sari" for women and the "kurta" or "sherwani" for men, reflecting the Indian heritage.

Fashion Trends:

Suriname's clothing market is a melting pot of diverse fashion trends that cater to both traditional tastes and contemporary styles. Traditional fabrics, such as batik, are reinvented in modern silhouettes, blending cultural elements with global fashion influences. Tropical prints, vibrant colors, and bold accessories dominate the fashion landscape. Sustainable fashion is gaining traction, with designers incorporating organic materials, ethical practices, and fair trade principles into their designs.

Cultural Significance:

Clothing plays a pivotal role in Surinamese culture, serving as a means of self-expression, preserving cultural heritage, and fostering a sense of belonging. Traditional attire is worn during festivals, weddings, and other important ceremonies, symbolizing pride in one's cultural roots. The clothing market acts as a platform for cultural exchange, promoting intercultural understanding and unity among Surinamese communities.

Market Challenges and Opportunities:

While the Surinamese clothing market is flourishing, it faces certain challenges. Limited access to resources, including textiles and manufacturing facilities, can hamper the growth of local designers. Additionally, competition from international fashion brands poses a constant challenge. However, opportunities lie in leveraging Suriname's unique cultural diversity and promoting sustainable fashion practices, which can foster innovation, attract international buyers, and boost the country's economy.


The Surinamese clothing market is a vibrant tapestry of style, culture, and creativity. It embodies the fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, reflecting the country's diverse cultural heritage. Surinamese designers and fashion entrepreneurs are carving a niche for themselves, both locally and internationally, by showcasing their talent and incorporating sustainable practices. As Suriname continues to embrace its rich cultural identity, the clothing market stands poised for further growth, weaving together tradition, innovation, and the spirit of Surinamese creativity.

50 clothing vendors in the Suriname Clothing Market:

House of Lofe: A high-end fashion brand known for its luxurious and innovative designs, blending traditional Surinamese elements with modern aesthetics.

LuXuriant Clothing: A trendy and contemporary clothing brand that offers stylish and affordable clothing for both men and women, catering to the local fashion scene.

Rijsdijk Clothing: A family-owned business specializing in traditional Surinamese garments, preserving the cultural heritage of the region.

Urban Threads: A streetwear brand that captures the essence of urban culture, providing edgy and fashionable clothing for the youth market.

SurinamStyle: A brand that celebrates Surinamese identity through its clothing line, incorporating bold colors and prints inspired by local traditions.

Tropical Chic: An eco-conscious brand that utilizes sustainable materials and techniques to create fashionable resort wear, capturing the tropical essence of Suriname.

Suri Denim Co.: A denim-focused brand that combines classic and contemporary styles, offering a range of jeans, jackets, and accessories.

Indigenous Artistry: A brand that collaborates with local Indigenous communities to create clothing that showcases their traditional craftsmanship and artistic expressions.

Moda Creole: A fusion brand that blends Creole influences with global fashion trends, resulting in unique and eclectic designs.

Ethnic Essence: Specializing in ethnic wear, this brand offers a wide range of traditional clothing, accessories, and jewelry from different Surinamese communities.

Trendsetters: A fashion-forward brand that sets the latest trends in Suriname, providing a curated selection of clothing for the fashion-savvy.

EcoThreads: A sustainable fashion brand that promotes ethical practices, using organic fabrics and eco-friendly production methods to create stylish and environmentally conscious clothing.

Fusion Attire: Known for its fusion of traditional Surinamese textiles and modern silhouettes, this brand offers a contemporary take on cultural fashion.

Couture Suriname: A luxury fashion house that caters to the elite clientele, creating exquisite and bespoke clothing for special occasions.

Streetstyle Suriname: Embracing the urban streetwear culture, this brand offers a range of casual and stylish clothing with an urban edge.

Traditional Treasures: A boutique that specializes in authentic traditional garments, sourcing handmade clothing and accessories from local artisans.

Tropical Breeze: A brand that captures the essence of Suriname's tropical climate, offering lightweight and breathable clothing for a laid-back lifestyle.

Moda Caribena: Inspired by the Caribbean spirit, this brand infuses vibrant colors and prints into its clothing line, reflecting the region's cultural diversity.

Suri Sportswear: Catering to the active lifestyle, this brand provides a range of sportswear and athleisure clothing suitable for various physical activities.

Unique Patterns: Known for its intricate and one-of-a-kind patterns, this brand creates clothing that celebrates Suriname's diverse cultural tapestry.

Bohemian Dreams: Offering boho-chic clothing and accessories, this brand embraces a free-spirited aesthetic with a touch of Surinamese flair.

Contemporary Classics: A brand that focuses on timeless and versatile pieces, offering clothing that transcends trends and can be styled in multiple ways.

Surinam Prints: Celebrating Surinamese flora and fauna, this brand incorporates local nature-inspired prints into its clothing, creating a unique visual identity.

Curves Couture: A brand dedicated to providing stylish and fashionable clothing for plus-size women, promoting body positivity and inclusivity.

Moda Masculina: Specializing in men's fashion, this brand offers a wide range of clothing, from formal attire to casual wear, tailored to the Surinamese market.

Retro Revival: Embracing vintage fashion, this brand offers retro-inspired clothing that adds a nostalgic touch to Suriname's fashion scene.

Sustainable Souls: Committed to sustainable fashion, this brand utilizes recycled materials and ethical production practices, creating eco-friendly clothing options.

Surinam Sneakers: A footwear brand that combines Surinamese cultural motifs with sneaker design, offering unique and stylish sneakers for sneaker enthusiasts.

Haute Hijabs: A brand specializing in hijabs and modest wear, offering fashionable and elegant clothing options for Muslim women in Suriname.

Surinam Swimwear: Providing a range of swimwear options, this brand combines fashion-forward designs with functionality, catering to Suriname's beach culture.

Fashion Forward: A brand at the forefront of Suriname's fashion industry, offering cutting-edge designs and setting new trends.

Surinam Silks: Known for its exquisite silk garments, this brand creates luxurious clothing that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Indigenous Threads: Collaborating with Indigenous communities, this brand creates sustainable clothing using traditional weaving techniques and natural fibers.

Urban Elegance: Combining urban and elegant aesthetics, this brand offers clothing that can be dressed up or down, catering to various occasions.

Boho Babes: Catering to bohemian fashion lovers, this brand offers a range of flowy dresses, skirts, and accessories with a boho-chic vibe.

Kids Couture: Specializing in children's clothing, this brand provides fashionable and comfortable clothing options for the little ones.

Surinam Scarves: Offering a variety of scarves and shawls, this brand showcases Surinamese motifs and colors, allowing individuals to add a touch of Surinamese style to their outfits.

Sustainable Steps: A brand dedicated to sustainable footwear, using eco-friendly materials and ethical production methods to create stylish and comfortable shoes.

Surinam Chic: Embracing Surinamese cultural heritage, this brand offers clothing that blends traditional elements with contemporary designs, creating a unique and chic aesthetic.

Urban Tribal: Inspired by tribal art and culture, this brand combines indigenous patterns with modern streetwear, creating a fusion of traditional and urban styles.

Surinam Leathercraft: Known for its craftsmanship in leather goods, this brand offers a range of handcrafted bags, wallets, and accessories made from locally sourced materials.

Tropical Ties: A brand specializing in men's accessories, providing a wide selection of ties, bowties, and pocket squares with tropical-inspired prints.

Surinam Chic: Embracing Surinamese cultural heritage, this brand offers clothing that blends traditional elements with contemporary designs, creating a unique and chic aesthetic.

Urban Tribal: Inspired by tribal art and culture, this brand combines indigenous patterns with modern streetwear, creating a fusion of traditional and urban styles.

Surinam Leathercraft: Known for its craftsmanship in leather goods, this brand offers a range of handcrafted bags, wallets, and accessories made from locally sourced materials.

Tropical Ties: A brand specializing in men's accessories, providing a wide selection of ties, bowties, and pocket squares with tropical-inspired prints.

Surinam Jewelry Co.: A brand that showcases Surinamese craftsmanship through its unique jewelry pieces, incorporating local gemstones and traditional techniques.

Petite Perfection: A brand catering to petite women, offering clothing that is tailored to fit smaller frames without compromising on style and fashion.

Modern Maternity: Providing fashionable and comfortable maternity wear, this brand offers clothing options that allow expectant mothers to embrace their style during pregnancy.

Sustainable Suriname: A brand committed to promoting sustainability in fashion, offering a range of clothing made from organic materials and produced with minimal environmental impact.