Sunni Spencer on My Shopify


I really enjoy visiting Sunni Spencer's shop, which is located in a very cute neighborhood. Her team is friendly and engaging, and the pieces she sells are unique. It's easy to see why her shop is so popular. We'll check out her shop again! We look forward to seeing what she comes up with next! We've already found a few items we like!

Sunni Spencer's shop is a little piece of vacation in the city

Sunni Spencer opened her first shop in the Hamptons last April, a pop-up location that was so popular her clients begged her to stay there permanently. She's still got her heart in New York, however, and is in the process of finding another pop-up location. In the meantime, her Bleecker street boutique is a little piece of vacation in the city!

The owner of the boutique, Sunni Spencer, has spent the past two decades in the luxury retail industry. Before opening her own shop, she worked in the bridal and evening departments of Bergdorf Goodman, one of the most famous high-end department stores in the US. Her passion for travel and entrepreneurship drove her to find new ways to source products from exotic destinations and make them accessible to a wide audience.

The pieces are unique

If you're looking for unique jewelry and home decor, look no further than Sunni Spencer. She's got a Pop-In shop that's open December 6-16. Her items are thoughtfully curated for home decor and gifts. Her jewelry is truly unique and you'll be hard-pressed to find any other piece that's quite like it. Located in an adorable Park Avenue loft, the shop features a friendly team and some truly unique pieces.

The Southampton native recently opened her own name-brand boutique in Hyde Park Village, which features a wide selection of uniquely styled beach and resortwear. The boutique features her lines Bembien, Poolside, and XL. Although Spencer lived in New York for nearly two decades, she recently moved back home to raise her family and start her own boutique. She focuses on sexy and feminine beach and resort styles.

The shop is engaging

If you love pop culture, you'll love Sunni Spencer's boutique on Bleecker street. The shop features unique pieces from TV shows, movies, and anime. And the team behind the store is friendly and engaging. You'll want to buy everything in the store, from jewelry to handbags. The boutique is located in a quaint and charming neighborhood, which makes it even more inviting.