SpringImport.com Review


Looking for a quality, time-tested women's clothing brand that satisfies all of your wholesale needs? Look no further. Springimport.com covers all angles of approach in the design industry. Also known as “John and Anna” at retail hubs around the United States, Springimport.com is a leading name. As an industry leader with more than 50 years experience in the field, and more than 10 years as an established brick and mortar, it maintains a fresh seal approval. This means every product you order is guaranteed to meet your needs. Using industry standard, triple-A rated materials, Springimport.com experts head out into the furthest reaches of the world to hand select the very textiles you will receive.

Every item is tailored to a client's needs, and quality control procedures that ensure every item receives a thorough work-through before being purchased. Not a single item will be different from your expectations. To prove the reliability and quality of the fashion supplier, a 30 piece wholesale trial pack is offered for sale. If the 30 piece trial pack does not meet your expectations, nothing more will be required of you. This is a money back guarantee.

Springimport.com offers detailed account of all types of women’s clothing. Among the major key are the tops. These come in sleeveless, short sleeve, quarter sleeve, and long sleeve designs. One of the best sellers is the 6610-C. Buying this would envy your friends with its slubbed knitted and abstract style that features a flutter sleeve all over it. Look gorgeous with only $8.

Dresses, which is on the second list, come in mid length, ankle length, and in the romper variety. Among the eye striking on the list is the D9917-D. This black knitted mini dress is featured by sleeveless lace panels. This only cost from $6.50 -$7.50

Bottoms on the other hand are a large selection of skirt styles and designs. K046-B is the latest skirt designs of Springimport.com. For only $5.50, it is worth to roam around the city with this black knitted skirt.

Sweaters include styles such as the pointedly, cardigan, cap, and pullover. B2273-C is the newest yet best buy sweater. The fabric is made of 60% acrylic and 40% nylon. You would love to mix and match it. You can have it for only $8.50.

Springimport.com. also offers plus size clothing. It includes tops, dresses, sweaters and bottoms. One of the best buying plus tops is the B2255X-B. With its navy color, everyone loves to have it. After all, $8 is worth the price.

Bulk prices include tops, sweaters, bottoms and active wear. This may be great for your online shop. Among the best selling in this category is the B2256X-pack. This is a set of plus tops that comes with four colors. You can have it from $6.50 to $7 each. When bulk purchasing, keep in mind that the more pieces you buy, the higher the discount is.

The sizing chart and similar information are all conveyed openly on the website with pictures and diagrams. The design is made in a way to be user-friendly and not at all discouraging to first-time buyers. Spring Import makes an effort to cover all the basics and even more types of questions on the website alone. However, if the information is not enough, there are several ways to get in touch.

On the website, SpringImport.com maintains contact information which as follows: Spring Import, Inc. 1407 Broadway, Suite 715, New York, NY 10018. The telephone and fax numbers are also included: Telephone: (212) 575-1888 Fax: (212) 575-1887. On the contact page, pringimport.com encourages you to contact them with any questions or comments regarding their business, or your business with them. As a proof, the page provides you options. As an industry leader, Springimport.com makes customer satisfaction a top priority, and the diligence in the web design does well to reflect this.