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If you're looking for some great clothing deals, try shopping online at You can also check out their showrooms and learn about their job opportunities. There's something for everyone at Sand Pedro Wholesale Mart, including your favorite celebrity. Just remember to plan ahead! It can get really busy, especially between 8am and 12pm! You can find everything from shoes to apparel at the San Pedro mart!

Find deals on clothing at Sand Pedro Wholesale Mart

If you're looking for cheap clothing, you're not alone. The San Pedro wholesale market is one of the best places to find bargains on name-brand clothing. This market is open from 5am to 11pm, with the majority of items costing just $5 or less. Parking is available across the street and is available from 7am to 2pm. During the week, this market is especially busy, but you can still find a good deal.

Located at 1100 S. San Pedro St. in DTLA, the Sand Pedro Wholesale Mart offers great clothing deals. The prices range from $1-8 MAX, with dresses and other items running between $5-10. Anything over $10 is considered to be too expensive, so be prepared to spend time comparing prices. It's also fun to shop for vintage items at the wholesale market. Unlike some other wholesale clothing markets, San Pedro is a great option for people with a sense of style.

Check out the showrooms at Sand Pedro Wholesale Mart

If you're looking for cheap fashion and want to get your hands on a few name brands, check out the showrooms at Sand Pedro Wholesale Market. This enclosed outdoor market is located in DTLA's Fashion District and offers clothing at a discount. Most shirts, pants, and dresses are priced at under $1. Dresses are priced between $5 and $10. Anything over that will be considered too expensive. Visiting Sand Pedro Wholesale Mart is like thrifting, but with a lot of fun.

Learn about working at Sand Pedro Wholesale Mart

If you are looking for an opportunity in Los Angeles, you may be interested in finding out more about the work at Sand Pedro Wholesale Mart. This wholesale market is located on the intersection of 11th and San Pedro, and Crocker and 12th. During peak hours, the San Pedro wholesale market is busy, so make sure to plan your schedule accordingly. You can expect long hours and lots of work, so don't be surprised if you get tired of the busy environment quickly.