Shopify Success Stories That You Have Never Heard About


Wholesale Shopify Success Stories That You Have Never Heard About

Shopify is an online platform that allows retailers to put up stores in their platform. There are various plans that the platform offers to the store owners. These plans come with distinct offer, with those stores, opting for the advance package enjoying numerous advantages and thus success. These businesses carved the way to success and rose to become multi million dollar stores on the online platform. 

These are some of 10 Successful Shopify Businesses

• Tattly

The store was founded by a designer named Tina Roth and sells tattoos. It has an estimated value of over a million dollars and drop ships tattoos to a transnational market.

• Master And Dynamic

The success story of the Master and Dynamic store with Shopify is evident with the variety of headphones that they have put into the market. There worth is estimated to be in million dollars from a humble beginning.

• Kylie Cosmetics

This is a popular brand stores that deal in cosmetics. They are reputed for holding flash sales and it is believed their worth has grown into millions of dollars since they joined Shopify from a humble background.

• Mod

This online store has a unique success story selling unique goods. It deals in digitized notebooks. They founder reported an enormous sale of over $ 90000 in their first three months of operation.

• Flax

The company idea was basically joking about, but it outgrew its naysayers to become a multi million retail store in Shopify. It deals with flax, a tampon alternative and markets it as a solution to having sex while menstruating. It’s reported that their sales were in millions of dollars during their first three months of operation.

• A Book Apart

This is an online book publisher with a platform in Shopify. The owners reported a great deal of sales, of over $ 90000 in their first month of operation.

• Leo Gary

Shopify platforms stores must not deal with tangible goods only. Consultants have also reaped a fortune in the platform. This store specializes in advising prospecting drop shippers on the kind of product that they can deal with and make a profit, and it is reported that his fortune has grown in this platform a great deal.

• Pipsnacks

The stores deal in, healthy snacks, those that are difficult to find in the average brick and mortar store. The company started out at only $ 200k, and has since saw their revenues grow with six digits as a result of venturing into the Shopify platform.

• Triangl

The store saw their fortunes rise to a record $5m, in a period of one year, after venturing into the Shopify platform. It deals in swim wear and was founded by an Australian couple.

• Studio Neat

The company deals in smartphone tripod. In the years not more than one after putting up a drop shipping store, they reported sales of over $200k in just three months, and today their estimated net worth is in millions of dollars.