• Shipping companies that ship to the Caribbean


    Shipping companies that ship to the Caribbean

    Shipping things can be a daunting task, with so many different places and different companies that specialize in specific places it can be hard, shipping to the Caribbean can be even more difficult, so here are five shipping companies that ship to the Caribbean. They each offer a wide variety of services and options.

    Blue Ocean Transport 

    Blue Ocean Transport offers great transportation services. They can help you ship everything from small boxes to large shipments and have been helping do so for over 25 years! They can help with both full and non-full container loads, vehicles, personal effects, heavy equipment, inland transportation, consolidations, and boats! Blue Ocean Transport is a very reliable and competitive shipping service for your Caribbean shipping service needs. 

    Caribbean Shipping Service

    Caribbean Shipping Services offers a variety of services. They can store your shipments for a period of time and they can consolidate and redistribute shipments for their clients. They offer barrels, boxes, and other shipping supplies for your shipping needs. They provide both packing and crating services when needed. They offer a pickup and delivery service. They can handle and load shipments into cargo trucks as well as trailers both on and off-site. They can provide you with a shipping estimate and referrals. They also offer money transfer services. 

    Caribbean Ocean Logistics

    Caribbean Ocean Logistics provides pickup and delivery that is cost-effective, steadfast and they provide integral solutions by offering their customers on the dot-freight, logistic, as well as shipping services to the Caribbean. For ten years they have been a dedicated company, they are always committed to getting best solutions for all of their customers, from businesses to individuals, trying to cut down on their shipment expenses, enhance their efficiency, while still remaining to provide a quality and efficient service. They ship via air, ocean, and inland freight. They are dedicated to helping make sure your shipment is delivered within the stipulated time, safe as well as in the desired condition. 

    Caribbean Shipping Services, Inc. 

    Caribbean Shipping Services, Inc is a one-stop shop for all of your Caribbean shipping service needs. They offer both inland transportation as well as ocean transportation. They also offer multi-temperature warehousing, special project cargo, and transportation management. Caribbean Shipping Services, Inc is a great place to solve all of your Caribbean shipping needs in one. 


    LAPARKAN offers multiple services to their customers including Air freight and commercial ocean freight. They do industrial as well as personal effects shipments and PAK-Private Mail Box, project cargo, and International Trade. They have well thought out and simple to understand guidelines for everything from their air cargo and person effects to ocean commercial guidelines. They have an easy to find flight schedule as well as an easy to find the sailing schedule. LAPARKAN not only offers many services for anyone looking to shipping in the Caribbean but they do so safely with many great guidelines and services. 

    There you have it, five great companies that provides a wider range of shipping services for anyone looking to ship to the Caribbean. They offer everything from cargo shipping to air freight shipping. If you need to ship something to the Caribbean then all that's left for you to do is decide is which company best suits your needs for shipping to the Caribbean.