• Shipping Companies That Ship To Africa - Five Examples


    Shipping Companies That Ship To Africa - Five Examples

    Shipping goods worldwide has long been a standard necessity for companies. Many of the products we buy and sell every day are manufactured in one area, assembled and packaged in another, and finally sold at yet another... and this is still leaving out the most critical part, as far as the end consumer is concerned: the delivery of those products or goods to their final destination.

    In an increasingly globalized market economy, it is more important than ever to make sure that all products purchased and sold get delivered to their buyer in a safe, fast and efficient way. In this context, few destinations have become as crucial for shipping of merchandise and goods than the continent of Africa.

    With an enormously diverse and booming population, growing industrial and manufacturing sectors, and an increasingly high demand for high-end consumer items and luxury goods, finding the right companies to forward your shipments to Africa from other regions around the world (especially Europe and the US) is of utmost importance, both to the provider/seller, as well as to the final consumer or end user of the product.

    Shipping Companies That Ship To Africa

    Among the many shipping companies that currently operate and deliver shipments regularly to the African continent, here are our top five choices:

    * iContainers (https://www.icontainers.com/ship-container/africa/)

    While shipping to Africa can often be a complicated task, iContainers offers a simple and easy-to-use alternative for getting a fast quote within seconds, at highly competitive rates.

    Select whether you wish to send full (FCL) or shared (LCL) containers, choose the desired route and their automated quote generator will give you the price in just 15 seconds. Their comprehensive online platform allows users to send and track shipments from start to finish, without the need for intermediaries.

    * Africa Shipping Logistics (http://www.africashippinglogistics.com/)

    Specializing in door to door logistics services, Africa Shipping Logistics is a leading expert in fully integrated shipping and logistics within the African region.

    Additionally, they are a trusted partner for issues including customs clearance documentation, freight services (by sea and by air), hauling cargo inland (with trucks), marine cargo insurance pre-arrangements and an overall reliable, cost-effective service.

    * FedEX (http://www.fedex.com/ee/shipping-services/heavyweight/export/africa-oceania/intl-priority-freight.html)

    Perhaps the most well-known shipping company of all, it comes as no surprise that FedEx is also a major player to consider when it comes to delivering goods or shipping merchandise to Africa.

    For those with a tight schedule or severe time constraints, they offer the option of purchasing a "time-definite" express service, for delivering bulky shipments (from 68 kg to 1.000 kg per item) in practically unlimited quantities, on either pallets, crates or several boxes. They even offer a rock-solid money back guarantee, should your shipment not arrive within 4-6 working days.

    * Zim (http://www.zim.com/countrysites/africa/pages/africa.aspx)

    An experienced mover of merchandise within and to Africa since the 1950's, Zim has more recently relocated its core efforts into improving trade relations between West Africa and Europe in particular.

    * Air 7 Seas (http://www.air7seas.com/shipping-to-africa.php)

    As one of the foremost freight forwarders to Africa, Air 7 Seas is an ideal partner for simplifying the often daunting and complex process of shipping goods to nations in Africa. Offering a wide array of both ocean and air freight services, they are experienced professionals who will assist with every step of the process. Their specialty is procuring shipments of goods from the continental US to Africa.

    These are some of the most respected, prestigious and trustworthy shipping companies that ship to Africa. Among them, you will surely find the service, prices, and assistance you are looking for.