Sears Kmart Pallet Auctions On B-Stock Solutions


There are certain dealers who provide the opportunity to different wholesale businesses to do the business using their platform like B-Stock Solutions does through its platform for Sears Kmart auctions. They facilitate different wholesale sellers to sell their products on the website through the auction and also helps the retailers by enabling them to safely bid and purchase pallets through their online platform.

For starters, the reason why retailers are interested in pallets of merchandise from Sears and Kmart is because of the decent quality of the merchandise, and the fact that they can purchase it at below the full wholesale price.

This type of merchandise is appropriate for discount stores, flea market vendors, swap meet operators, and eBay sellers.

I personally would not recommend this type of merchandise for high end boutiques.

Before placing a bid on a pallet of merchandise you should consider visiting one of their stores. and at minimum their websites. This way you will know what kind of products you can expect to receive in the pallets.

One important caveat to remember is that you need to factor in the cost of shipping.

You might win the bidding at a price that gives you a very low price per unit, but the shipping cost can double your actual cost per unit.

For instance, if you bid $500 for a pallet that has 500 pieces of kids wear, and the freight with Roadway is $500, your actual cost per unit is $1 more than the $1 for each piece of clothing based on your successful bid.

Sears Kmart Overstock Auctions:

Sears Kmart Overstock Auction is basically an online wholesale retailer brought by the Smears Holdings Corporation –which is a large integrated retailer focused on connecting the digital and physical shopping experiences.

Smears Kmart Overstock Auction who provides certain household, hardware, machinery, apparel, footwear, and tools etc. in bulk and a large amount of selling them on auction online. They display all of their overstocked products on their website, people place bids on the wholesale products of their need and demand. And on the closing day person with the highest bid gets the product for that price. All of this wholesale business happens online thus facilitating both the seller and the buyer. The resellers and buyers also have to submit certain documents like a state-issued resellers' certificate, and documents of submitting sales tax etc. in order to place and apply for the bid.

Some of their business examples are given as follows:

· A truckload of Lawn & Garden Goods: This has a truck full of different products related to maintaining the lawn and garden. This includes certain manual and electrical tools. One should place the bidding price and wait until the closing date of the auction.

· A truckload of Furniture, Tents, Vacuum, Star Wars Toys & More: This offers a large amount furniture, tents, and machinery etc. The resellers who want to buy these apply for the bidding and if their bid is highest they would get the truckload of these products.

· 11 Pallets of Weed eaters, Screwdrivers, Routers and More: This wholesale business provides with the weed eating machinery and other daily use tools like screwdrivers and routers. These are the things that people use in their daily life. The resellers can buy them at the wholesale price and sell them to their customers.