Salvex is an online wholesale and liquidation marketplace founded by the Wilson family. They have innovative ways in matching buyers and sellers through highly advanced database categorization, pairing the right products for sale with potential buyers. Suppliers are able to enjoy a quick and easy admission to the global secondary markets by having an easy-to-read listing with correct information assisting potential customers to access easily global salvage opportunities and introducing again these inauspicious products back into the commercial world.

Their grand design is to partner with existing manufacturing and service companies who deal with bankruptcies, mishandled cargos, liens, insurance claims and goods recovery working with them hand in hand to recover as much fortune as possible for those salvaged goods. Most of their products are commercial and their retail products are usually large quantities requiring special types of buyers.

Salvex has relationships with inspectors, marine surveyors, and adjusters, thus utilizing these experts and contacts in offering back inspection work from their major clients. With these type of connections and backed by an enterprise claims software, they have a competitive advantage against their competitors. They identified problems facing their customers on a daily basis and expanded their services to cope up with their needs.

The services which they offer includes;

• Asset recovery on a box
They have designed an asset recovery program working efficiently and comprehensively for major corporations in managing sales of all surplus and end-of-life assets. Their online tools and comprehensive database gives procurement departments, CFO's and asset managers that ability to maximize their recovery of in-needed assets. They have softwares enabling bidders around the world to view and bid in real-time.

• Salvage appraisals
Salvex is able to provide appraisals for most commercial products for asset recovery professionals. These include claim managers, insurance managers, marine surveyors, and attorneys. They help in determining value of assets by tapping into extensive records of salvage sales and current market pricing trends.

• Transportation and storage
Due to their enormous amounts of experience in managing all areas of transportation and delivery, they ensure completion of the auction process. They can also recommend reliable transportation companies for their clients.

• Salvage recovery
They have utilized many representatives who have expertise and resources in completing variety of labor-intensive services to offer full range of salvage solutions. They have the ability in removing damaged goods, supply removal equipment, perform inventory audits and also providing warehouses to store products until performance of proper sale.

• Research and product placement
Due to their specialty site, they are able to provide bilateral information about clients products. Their site caters for items in a particular industry specifically. Visibility of items will be given to the most likely applicant who can pay the most in asset recovery, surplus or salvage.

Salvex deals with new and used consumer goods ranging from foodstuffs like ice cream inclusions, chocolate chunks, glow milk truffle balls, caramel milk, sea salt to ready made garments for boys and kids to turbochargers for vehicles, shoes and boots for women, vacuum cleaners, glass products including jars, glasses, and bottles, bridal gowns, ladies handbags and wallets, roller blinds, dental forceps, sheets, kitchen towels and many more consumer goods.

Salvex assists buyers and sellers in providing online auction tools to conduct their sale of asset recovery and salvage inventories.