40 Clothing Stores in New York’s Wholesale Garment District


Navigating the New York Wholesale Garment District can be quite a chore. There are literally thousands of fashion stores occupying the buildings that make up the Garment District. These stores cover the whole gamut of the fashion industry and cover everything from clothing, for all ages, to accessories like jewelry, belts and much more.

A shopper would soon become confused and overwhelmed by the sheer number of stores and the difficulty in finding the one that carries what you are looking for. Fortunately the Garment District puts out a printable map (http://www.nycinsiderguide.com/garment-district )to help you make your way through the many streets comprising the Fashion District but that map will not help you determine which stores are open or closed to the public. Those closed to the public are still accessible but through private tours, you just can’t walk into their showroom off the street.

To help narrow your search, here is a list of 40 clothing stores that can be found among the streets of the New York Wholesale Garment District.

#1. Designer Loft—This store specializes in and focuses solely on bridal gowns. They work with many different designers located in different continents to help you achieve your wedding dream. Every bride wants a beautiful dress and wants to look beautiful wearing it, Designer Loft is the store for you. They also maintain a good supply of bridal accessories making this store a one stop shop for all your wedding dress needs. Unfortunately, to see their product selection you must make an appointment and verify it so you and your guest can shop with ease and comfort

#2. Monif C. – Not every woman comes with a size 1 or 0 figure. There are many plus size ladies out there and this store services the needs of those women. Monif C has dresses for every plus sized woman’s needs from formal wear to business wear to her beach side needs. Their styles include V necklines and slits so that the plus size woman can go from the office to a girl’s night out without difficulty. Their swimwear line has great patterns, prints and very vibrant colors.

#3. Cockpit USA—Is the next clothing store on our list. They cater to a specific customer. They focus on their personality and the optimum Cockpit customer is a freethinking adventurer who likes to break the rules. He is at home in a cockpit, piloting a boat or behind the wheel of a car. Cockpit’s specialty is aviator jackets and they have the different branches of the US military as their customers. Founded in 1970, Cockpit’s designs have found a home with many of Hollywood’s celebrity’s. You can walk in o make an appointment to see their selection of jackets.

#4. Jack Silver Formal Wear—Here is a store for men only. Their niche in the clothing market is limited to creating great tuxedos. Having been in business for 60 years, Jack Silver personal know how to create a good fit and make any man look great. They have a modern look to match any formal affair you attend as well as carrying top quality tuxedo accessories that will allow you to be a cut above the rest. Their business comes more from word of mouth than any other form of advertising.

#5. NYCRaquetSports—Their focus is on all sports that involve a racquet. They have a complete line on sportswear for all racquet sports. Their showroom is open to walk ins from the street and thy actually have several stores in New York to help meet your sporting attire needs. If you want to look good when playing tennis, table tennis, racquetball, squash or even badminton then this is the store for you to shop at. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

#6. Sunny Sports—Here is a store for the avid and amateur outdoorsman. Tired of playing racquet sports and want to go out to nature, then you can make the transition and still look good. From hiking to camping to outdoor winter activities Sunny Sports has the right clothing for you. They carry a full line of jackets, pants and other outdoor clothing needs. Everything they carry is in stock in their warehouse so there is no need to wait long times to have your order filled. This is another store open to the public.

#7. Ocean Apparel Trading Company—Their website demonstrates their exclusivity. Very little information is available on the store and its product save that they cater to all ages and both genders. While they have a showroom they request you contact them first before stopping by to get any information on promotions and pricing. There is no indication of how broad their line of clothing is, whether they limit themselves to spring and summer clothes only or If they cover all four seasons. You just have to contact them to discover what they offer.

#8. Clothing Line—One of New York’s Fashion District secrets clothingline focuses on women and children lines of fashion. They do offer a limited selection of men’s clothes. Their goal is to offer top quality fashion from the top designers at a good discount. They have been spending the last 25 years trying to make you look good at a very inexpensive price tag. No appointment needed but they do not allow for returns or store credit. They accept all major credit cards and of course cash.

#9. Express-- Is a publicly traded company that caters to the clothing needs of both men and women. Their line of fashion, for both genders, includes clothing that can be worn at the office or at weekend parties. They like individuals who live and dress for the moment. They are one of the world’s largest clothing specialists. They have a strict return policy and it would be wise to become familiar with it before shopping at their store. Yu can shop online with Express.

#10. Latitude—The name of the company reflects the philosophy of the owner, Megan Freedman, she wants a little freedom from traditional fashion rules. Starting in 2002 Ms. Freedman brings good customer service and integrity to her customers. Such business practices will keep her in business for a long time. Her lines consist of a more casual look to non-formal date night fashion. She mixes nice colors with good quality fabric making her clothes popular and in demand. To gain access to her clothe you need to contact one of her sales representatives directly via e-mail.

#11. JLM Couture—Another clothing store specializing in bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses. JLM employs award winning designers so the customer knows they are purchasing a top quality gown for their wedding. JLM is a store that utilizes many different labels to bring their customer top of the line and very beautiful dresses for their special day. They do not sell directly to the public but offer a store locator to help the customer find where their gowns are being sold.

#12. Kokin NY—Born in 1983 this company views hats as a very needed line of clothing and not just an accessory. Since that time , his deigns have been sought out by all the top designers throughout the world. He also has a long list of female Hollywood celebrities as his clients and his hats have been featured on different television shows. Kokin is the only fashion house to win the Millinery Designer of the Year two years in a row. Along with his award winning and popular hats he has a jewelry line to help accentuate his headwear.

#13. Lily Kate—Seems to have transitioned from being a men’s wear clothing to store to featuring women’s wear exclusively. Her website has links to the designers she works with, one, By James, features swim wear and footwear. In fact, the designers we checked out all specialized in some form of ladies high quality fashion. This does not seem to be a store you can just wa k in and browse. It isbest to use their contact page to garner more information about her lines and other products as well as designers she works with.

#14. Alice & Olivia—Founded in 2002, this store carries a whole range of ladies fashions. From dresses to handbags and other accessories, this store meets the fashion and style needs of its customers. This company enjoys the privilege of having celebrities who like and purchase their work. If you can’t get to their New York store they have 35 boutiques throughout the country waiting to help you find the right dress or bag or other fashion trends. You can contct them by either e-mail or phone to place an order or learn more about their fashion lines.

#15. Zoila’s Sample Room—Works with many designer to bring to the public a first class fashion product. Her expertise has got the attention of those designers who want their finished work to look better than the rest of the competition. With over 30 years in the fashion business, Zoila has learned how to present a good product that women would want to wear. Her clothing stock covers just about everything occasion a woman will attend including great bed time clothes. Potential customers need to all or e-mail for an appointment.

#16. Benvin Industries—Starting as an apparel buyer, BI has evolved to becoming a very flexible and convenient fashion house whose strengths are in finding out of the box solutions for its customers. Over the years this company has purchased is own factories in order to be a better provided of woman’s fashions. They are not for the public but work with other clothing stores to bring to the public the right fashion for the right time. You can contact them through their handy contact form on their website or fax or call them at your convenience.

#17. Isaco-- Another men’s fashion focused store, which is a rarity in the fashion world. For 36 years Isaco has developed into a 16 brand fashion house dedicated to men and their tie, underwear, hosiery and sleep wear needs. They too do not sell directly to the public but market their lines through a whole host of national department stores. Most of their clients are high end fashion department stores though Wal Mart is included in carrying their brands. Other low cost stores include K-Mart and Fred Meyer.

#18. Z & F Fashions Inc. – This is a fashion house that uses bold prints and patterns in many of its fashion lines but its strengths are in their evening gown and cocktail apparel lines. Beautifully crafted and using top quality materials these dresses will make any woman stand out from the crowd and give her an air of elegance. They also carry a unique assortment of short and midi skirts that will make the party girl the center of attention. They also carry a nice line of shorts that will make any woman feel comfortable and beautiful.

#19. CMS Apparel—Founded in 1993, CMS Apparel has found a way to bring your fashion style to the next level. The have a list of both in house and outside designers ready to provide advice to their customer so that they can find the right clothes for themselves. With over 20 years of experience, CMS knows what a great look is, they have the experience and the contacts to help you look good. Unfortunately, they do not sell directly to the public but you can find their work in many stores across the nation.

#20. Shoshanna—From elegant casual wear to evening wear to swimwear this clothing store seeks to capture all of the woman’s fashion attention. Beautiful patterns, top quality material combined with their experience brings to the customer a fashion sense that will perk up their own styles. Shoshanna is dedicated to helping the woman’s form look the best it can be. This company also enjoys the appreciation and patronage of Hollywood celebrities. You can purchase her products online but there is no mention of a store open to the public.

#21. Cullen USA—Cullen decided long ago to specialize in cashmere sweaters and it has paid off for them. Their collection uses cashmere and other fine fabrics to bring to the woman the best core essentials for a good fashion sense. Along with the cashmere sweaters Cullen offers a fine line of dresses and accessories to cap off the great look created by one of their sweaters. You can contact them through e-mail to see if their showroom is open to the public or not.

#22. Spring Importers—This company places their product line on a basic and simple website. You must first register before gaining access to their price lists. Their work includes their own creative and innovative designs for their own lines as well as importing different fashions for boutiques and stores around the nation. Their focus is on women’s fashion only ranging from unique tops and long gowns to a fine array of pattern clothing that completes their line of solid colors. They cover all aspects of clothing for women and leave no dress or top out of their reach.

#23. Riveria Apparel—is another store focused on woman’s fashion. Using bold prints and colors they have developed a line that would appeal to any non-conservative woman’s taste. Their lines enhance a woman’s body in all seasons from winter, fall to spring and summer, along with presenting a great, bright back to school look. Originally started by a repair shop employee Riveria has been passed down to the son who has nurtured the company’s growth and made it what it is today. They offer business hour so there is hope for those who like to simply walk in. Contact them to make sure.

#24. Janique-- This prom, mother of the bride, bride specialist does not seem t have a public time for viewing their wares but their work can be found throughout the nation via different clothing stores. You can contact them through their handy contact form or email them to find out if they welcome the public to their showroom. Along with the other fashion dresses, Janique also offers a fine line of cocktail and other evening dresses. Exquisitely tailored these dresses will make a woman the envy of all other women at the event.

#25. Moi-Meme—This company works with all body types, petite, tall, full chested or pear shaped, to create a great look for their customer. Their lines will be appropriate for interviews, clergy duties, conservative affairs or business casual. You can have confidence in knowing that they can meet your shape and event needs. With their innovative style they help you design our own clothes. Just click on their website and enter your measurements and follow the instructions. Making clothes has never been so easy. They do not accept returns as each item of clothing is custom made.

#26. Lifestyle Clothiers—Starting in 1991 on a desire to build her brands the founder of Lifestyle Clothiers used her fashion industry experience to her own store and customers. She does not cater to the public but deals exclusively with retailers which means that her clothes are still available to those who can afford her product. Her lines focus on the casual and comfortable look

#27. Nieves Lavi –Sharon Lavi brought her ears of fashion industry experience to her own clothing line and her own store, utilizing her unique sense of style she was able to do that in 2003. A New Yorker she is inspired by the creative energy that permeates that city. Her collections have seen national and international success. Her inspiration seems to come from more than just New York City as many of her clothes sport an oriental influence and design. You can get her designs via her online store but a strict return policy means you better be sure you want them before you buy.

#28. Terra Zara—Has an exotic line of women’s. men’s and children’s fashion. Their thinking outside of the box has allowed them t o be innovative and produce very creative designs using bold colors. Their clothing covers all ages from the very young to the very old and almost every fashion need. Owned by a larger business and not an individual has not hurt the design or fashion sense of the people who run Zara. They have several modern tech method to contact them to see if they sell directly to the public or not.

#29. Saboroma Couture—offers a dignified collection of silhouettes usually in beautiful solid colored fabrics that highlight any woman’s features. Saboroma gowns allow a woman to express her feminine side with confidence, passion and elegance. The exquisite construction and flawless production allows a woman fulfill her desire to look beautiful and feminine. The gown they offer re top quality, beautiful and would enhance any woman’s wardrobe. She would look so good that she would not want to wear anything else. Contact can be made through phone, fax or email but no store hours are listed so check before you try to walk in.

#30. Charisma Fashion—has spent the last 25 years specializing in machine and hand embroidery fashion. Their lines are all made to order and carry with them the influence of India. They have produce collections for top designers throughout the world. Their work is exquisite, fine quality and a good attention to detail. They have a sales office in New York but an e-mail or the use of their convenient contact form would be the preferred methods of contacting them

#31. Divine Apparel Inc. – Has affine array of fashion options. From choir robes to elegant dresses this company has it all for the woman with sophisticated tastes. By working with the top designers of the world Divine Apparel can bring to its customers the very best the fashion world has to offer. Their website provides a sizing guide to help women make sure they are getting their measurements correct. As with many of the other stores listed here, Divine Apparel offers a contact form and e-mail address to get in touch with them but no store hours.

#32. Jenvie—provides a fine line of knit wears that are great for interviews and business meetings. They also have a great line top quality casual wear that will make any woman jealous of the wearer. Their spring wear line makes bold use of stripes and solid colors, all beautifully designed and manufactured. Any woman would be proud to have as a member of their wardrobe, the offerings from Jenvie. Their clothes spruce up any dreary look and makes the woman look fabulous. No store hours are offered so it is best to use their contact form for more information on costs and viewing.

#33. Zenoba—Or Uniko work with Korea to produce the top quality designs any woman needs for her wardrobe. Continuously raising the bar, Uniko is committed to bringing to their customer the best product and team work. Its clients are the top fashion designers in the country and the world, which means you know you are getting the best craftsmanship for your fashion buck. They raise the standard of the industry to ensure he public gets the very best the fashion world has to offer.

#34. C & J Sportswear-- Focusing on quality and efficiency has kept C & j in business for over thirty years. They also are providing competitive pricing which helps them attract more customers. Their services are utilized by some of the top national and international designers today. Their prints and solid colors standout from other lines as they are tastefully done and put together. They also do some clothes in a plaid like design which would not embarrass any wearer. From casual t outer wear their work is second to none.

#36. Suno—A very young company Suno specializes in a luxuries line for women. They utilize bold prints and what looks like a little bit of inspiration from their African counterparts. Their lines are carried by over 70 clothing retailers around the globe. Their line of fashions range from school wear to just about any wear as the company remains diverse in it offering to the fashion world and the fashion sense of its customers. Men are out of luck as Suno is geared towards young women and ladies only. You have 15 days to return any item if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

#37. Rainbow Style—This is very professional, caring and cost efficient company. With over thirty years of experience helping new and established designers make their mark in the fashion industry. Rainbow Style works in both men’s and women’s fashion and with a comprehensive knowledge they can produce top quality clothing. Their fine array of clothing would be a welcome addition to any woman’s wardrobe. As with other companies they do not offer any store hours but use the internet to their full ability. They have a contact form to use to talk to them directly.

#38. Tempo Paris—Is another company focusing on woman and their fashion needs. They tend to all a woman’s clothing needs from tops to pants to jackets and other outer wear. They are an exclusive designer requiring its website visitors to log in before viewing their products. Of course you have to signup first before being able to log in. There is no other information about the company available outside of logging in. You can contact them via e-mail or their convenient contact form which can be accessed without logging in.

#39. Disequel—A clothing store for men, women and kids. They offer bold patterns and prints with bright vibrant colors to highlight their summer collection. The company has been in business since 1984 making top quality fashion for both genders and children. They have remained in business because of a solid work ethic and a commitment to excellence. Their philosophy leads to remember that people are human and that they dress the person not tan inanimate body. It is hard to say I they deal directly with the public or not, you just need t contact them to find out

#40. Chach Unlimited—An American Dream success story Chach has been designing clothes for many years. She has at least 60 styles for mothers and daughters and her work can be found throughout the world. Her new work now includes fashion for both fathers and boys. The designs are discreet and conservative to a point and make any kid look stylish and up with the current trends. You can contact her via phone or email and no word on direct sales to the public.

There you have a list o 40 of the thousands of clothing stores found I the New York Garment District. Their exact location will have to wait until you can print out the Garment Districts printable map. The New York Garment district has something for everyone no matter their age, gender or if they are plus size or model size. Not every store caters to the public.

Fashion has been around for millennium and people of all eras of history has had a desire to look good, keep up with the trends and look beautiful their efforts to be with the current fads. Women have not changed over the centuries as they always want to look their best, feminine, and make other ladies jealous of their wardrobe.

The same for the modern age as women no matter where they are located, seek to look good and make a mark on their world whether that be I n the business sector or keeping their date’s eyes on them throughout the evening.

While men may say that they do not care about fashion, and many do not, there is a large segment of the male population that wants to look good and Impress their boss or future girlfriend or spouse. Don’t let most men fool you, they like to be dignified, dapper and well dressed when they can be. There are some stores in the New York Fashion District that knows this and cater specifically to the male population, striving to make them look as good as a man can.

Children care less about fashion but their mothers want to be proud of them so they are dressed whenever possible in the best clothes and fashions available for them. Teenagers, especially the girls, want to impress the other sex so they often worry about what they look like and what clothes they have on. The do want to look their best if not to attract a friend then to make their girlfriends jealous.

Whatever the need, purpose or age group, the New York Fashion District has a store for them, whether they sell directly to the public or not is another matter and not that important as their lines are found in stores around the nation so a trip to New York for the latest fashion is not necessary.