Retailing Insight - Insights Into the Body-Mind-Spirit Industry


Independent retailers across America can benefit from reading Retailing Insight magazine. It features meaningful and unique content for the body-mind-spirit industry. In this issue, we'll look at some of the latest developments in this industry. Read on to learn how you can increase sales at your own Body-mind-spirit store. Retailing Insight is published quarterly in The Body-Mind-Spirit Industry Journal.

Body-mind-spirit industry

While the mind-body-spirit industry is a growing niche in retailing, the body-mind-spirit (BMS) industry is a growing subset of the $10.6 billion personal development industry. BMS products include yoga, weight loss and fitness, books and tapes, seminars, and other body-mind-spirit related products. Listed below are some insights into retailing for the body-mind-spirit industry.

Body-mind-spirit products

If you are looking for new ideas for your retail business, you may have heard about body-mind-spirit products. The BMS industry is a subset of the $10.6 billion U.S. personal development industry. These products include books, tapes, seminars, and even body-mind-spirit products. Various products that fall under this category include body-care and wellness products, yoga, and weight-loss products.

Body-mind products

If you're looking to expand your business in the growing body-mind-spirit industry, you'll find the information you need in Retailing Insight. The publication connects independent retail buyers and wholesalers and delivers in-depth editorial content to more than 17,000 influential retail industry influencers. Its content covers body-mind products, nutrition, fitness and much more. Read on to learn more about what you can expect from Retailing Insight.