Regent Products Corporation


The Regent Products Corporation is a company located in River Grove, Illinois. They have been around for years and are well known for their F1 racers and semi trucks. Some of the trucks look similar to those sold by Wang Sing and Singafund. They also distribute Circus World play sets. They may not respond to old threads, so it is recommended that you start a new one if you have any questions.


With a long history of developing innovative products and technologies, Regent Products Corporation is poised to become a leader in the space. The company's patented technology enables it to bring the benefits of both solar energy and natural gas into a seamless integration. The company's solar-powered co-generation solution consists of a power box and concentrating solar collectors. In just a few hours, an installer can install a 10 kW co-generation solution anywhere there is a flat surface. And, it can work with or without natural gas.

Business intelligence portal

A business intelligence portal can be extremely helpful to a company, but it can only be as useful as the employees who use it. It is essential to make sure that employees will use the portal, and to demonstrate to them the benefits it can provide. To ensure that users are fully committed to the project, key leaders should talk with employees about their goals for the BI portal. Encourage employees to contribute their ideas and make sure they feel that the initiative is important. To make the process run smoothly, begin by cataloging existing content and analyzing what is most important to the company.

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Semi truck series

If you have an interest in buying a semi truck or any other vehicle, you've probably come across the Regent Products Corporation semi truck series. This manufacturer is based in River Grove, Illinois and distributes F1 racers and semi trucks as well as other products such as Circus World play sets and Wang Sing truck sets. This brand is extremely reliable and trustworthy. If you'd like to know more about these vehicles or find out more about their range of other products, you're recommended to visit their official website.

Direct imports

Regent Products Corporation is a provider of domestic general merchandise, direct imports, and name brand closeouts. Located in River Grove, Illinois, the company also operates showrooms in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Miami. In addition to its extensive direct imports offerings, the company offers a variety of items for the dollar store. Regent Products offers more than 3,000 different items in 20 different categories, including household products, toys, and bulk items.

Name brand closeouts

If you are looking for a wholesale supplier of name brand closeouts, then Regent Products Corporation might be the right place for you. The company is a leading provider of direct imports, domestic general merchandise, and dollar store items. The company is headquartered in River Grove, Illinois, and operates showrooms in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Miami. The company offers more than 3,000 different items in 20 everyday categories, including apparel, toys, and bulk items. Regent Products also participates in numerous trade shows throughout the United States.


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