Rangeme.com Review


If you are a buyer and you like to discover new products then you should check out Rangeme. Rangeme is a new platform that allows buyers to discover new products in the market. Even though it is new, it has already gained some good reputation in the market. Rangeme, take care of the product discovering, sourcing and sampling for business. 

Although there is the seller who wants to sell their product and there is the buyer who wants to buy that product. The two has a gap between them which prevents them from meeting each other. Rangeme is the online platform that plans to close the gap between them. In this article, you will find Rangeme.com review. 

What is rangeme.com?
Rangeme is a website both for buyers and sellers. Over here the seller gets to showcase their product on the website. It gives their product exposure and identity. 
On the other hand, buyers can check out the website to find out what new products are available on the website. 

The seller gets the exposure needed to sell the products in the market. Within minutes he can showcase his product to all the buyers who are registered at the Rangeme platform. This is especially good for the small business owner. 

Similarly, when buyers want a new product they can browse through the sellers of Rangeme. Here, they can select a product they want to sell and start a business with. Both sides gain what they need for a successful business. 

What are the advantages of using Rangeme.com 
For both the sides, Rangeme is making it easier to find what they are looking for in one platform. 

It is saving time, from both the side.

Rangeme is giving them easy communication.

They are saving a lot of money by finding great partners for their retail and wholesale businesses.

The platform is free, so you can upload all your products and discover new products for free. 

Rangeme automatically matches buyers and sellers according to what they are searching for in the web. 

Who you will find inRangeme?

Rangeme has gained a lot of popularity in a short time and now there are approximately 1255000 suppliers and buyers on the platform. 

What are the cost for using Rangeme services?
This is something you will be surprised to know that, all the services you get from Rangeme is free. Yes, there is a premium Rangeme service. You will get Verification, industry information, category review alert and many more premium services if you subscribe to Rangeme. But you can create an account and display your products for free. You can also discover products for free. 

Over the years Rangeme has developed a partnership with Albertson, Wholefoods, Sephora, Rite Aid and many more. Through its service you can sell your products to multinational retailers. Being Rangeme verified gives an additional plus point to the name. With so many buyer and sellers together in one place, it makes it easier to find exactly what you are looking for in the place.

In a way, Rangeme has brought the future of retailing business in one platform. Both buyers and sellers benefit from this platform. Making it the future of the retail business. 

Rangme subscription costs $1200 per year.