• Ralph Lauren dresses for business and pleasure


    Ralph Lauren dresses for business and pleasure

    A good dress paired with just the right accessory can make you stand out in the sea of mediocrity. From everyday dresses to unusual ones, this article brings you 10 Ralph Lauren dresses that you can wear on just about any occasion.

    1. Stripped Tie-Front Maxi dress - a simple, casual Maxi

    You can look glamorous without much effort with this simple yet effective Maxi dress. You can do everything in this dress including running your daily errands or having a lunch with family and friends. Be comfortable while looking great. Pair it up with some nice leather gladiator sandals in the warm weather and for the colder days, a nice leather jacket and some boots will do just fine.

    2. Floral-Print Crepe Slip Dress - an unusual twist on the Slip dress

    Slip dresses are trending lately all over the runways and fashion shows. Nothing is more sexy than a slip dress which you can dress up or down depending on what you are pairing it up with. For those who lean towards a more casual look, a over-sized sweater will do the trick. On the other hand, if you want that "WOW" effect, a subtle yet powerful pair of heeled sandals will hit the spot.

    3. Denim Sheath Dress - a modern take on the Sheath

    You can never go wrong with a classic sheath dress, perfect for the day at the office or evening cocktails. With an addition of a nice statement necklace for the evening or a blazer for work, you will look classy wherever you choose to wear this timeless classic piece.

    4. Fit-and-Flare Dress - a blast from the past

    The flared dress originates from the 1950's and is a true vintage look for everyone. The silhouette is an excellent addition to any woman's wardrobe and you can wear it day or night. For that casual look, a pair of ballet flats will give you that relaxed look while some jewel toned pumps will pump up your night out.

    5. Bridget Lace Necktie Dress - lace it up with glamour

    Lace on any dress just brings out all the glamour and any high-quality lace dress is made by high-level experts to bring out the charm out of a woman. The lace dress is the focus of the outfit, so it is best that you keep it simple with some classic pumps and a small ladylike handbag. Use some red lipstick if you want to spice things up a bit but everything above that will take peoples eyes off your perfect lace dress.

    6. Sequined sleeveless dress - party, party, party

    This sleeveless short party dress is a must for every woman who loves to party and socialize. The dress speaks for itself and you should probably keep the accessories to a minimum if you want to let your dress stand out and shine.

    7. Color-Blocked Jersey Gown - elegance with every step

    A fabulous gown is not just any piece of clothing. It is a statement of its own. A woman wearing an elegant gown paired up with chandelier earrings and gold bracelets is sure to take away the breaths of every bystander. In addition, changing up your hairstyle and makeup can make the same dress look completely different and unusual.

    8. Georgette Drawcord Shirt-dress - the perfect mix of polished and casual

    A shirt-dress is a type of dress which you get and then ask yourself: "How did I ever live without one?". It allows you to both be relaxed and in control. It is an ideal choice for minimum effort days and you can wear it just about anywhere.

    9. Tie-Dye Jersey Tank Dress - a cool and cute look

    Does not matter if it is day-to-day or a dinner party, this dress looks amazing wherever you wear it. Light and breezy, it will keep you cool in the hot summer days. Some necklaces will definitely help if you are going to a fancier dinner, but sandals and sneaker will do just fine if it is a casual activity.

    10. Jersey Off-the-Shoulder Dress - your confidence boost

    We all know that a woman in a nice red dress can just walk into a room and take command of the people in it. And admit it, you do feel a little bit powerful when wearing red. This dress describes you as bold and fierce while also revealing your feminine side. Perfect for any special occasion such as weddings or date nights.