Quickly Attract Customers With The Power Of YouTube


You can use YouTube to quickly, and relatively easily, attract customers to your business. 

YouTube has many features that make its video platform an ideal platform for retailers and wholesalers

First of all, you can upload any legal videos. 

There is no cost to creating a YouTube channel. 

You can register and create a YouTube channel directly at YouTube.com

Your videos can be made at home with your smartphone, or you can have a professional studio create your videos for your business. 

If you are working on a small budget, or on a nonexistent budget, you can take out your smartphone right now, and take a short video of your store or warehouse.

The best part is that you can upload the video directly from your smartphone to YouTube. 

Within seconds, your video can potentially be viewed by hundreds and thousands of potential customers. 

One of my favorite features of YouTube is that it suggests videos. 

In other words, if a visitor is searching for videos about wholesale handbags, and your video is about wholesale handbags, then there is a good chance that YouTube might suggest your video. 

You can increase your chances of your video being suggested and appearing on the top of the search results if you add a great title and description to your video.

Make sure that you have your contact information, including your website, in your video description. 

People that watch your videos can subscribe to your YouTube channel. Once they are subscribed to your channel they will be notified when you upload a new video. 

I would strongly recommend that you create new videos on a regular basis. You will keep the attention of prospective customers by adding new videos on a regular basis.

Remember, the content of the videos is the most important factor in determining the success of your videos. 

Although your videos can have a very casual homemade look to them, the videos should clearly show the products that you are selling. 

If you are starring in your videos, make sure that you speak clearly and sincerely. 

Prospective buyers who watch your videos are not expecting you to be a professional presenter, they want to see you as you really are. 

While creating hundreds of videos, I have learned that it is crucial to speak the same way that you would speak to someone in person. 

While your videos do not need to be perfect, they do need to be informative. 

I am happy to review any videos that you create.

You can send me a link to your video by email or by WhatsApp. 

If you would like your video to be seen by as many people as possible, then I would recommend that you study a course on how to market your videos.