QuiBids Review - What Are the Main Features of QuiBids?


QuiBids.com is an American online retailer that operates as a penny auction and bidding fee auction. However, the site has been sued by several groups for misleading advertising and illegal gambling. Here's a look at some of the main features of QuiBids.com. You can browse all the current auctions or view the recent ones to see if the items you're interested in are available on the site.


The Bid-O-Matic is a tool that helps you keep track of bids on Quibids auctions. You can use this to increase your chances of winning prizes, especially if you're a member of a different time zone. Bid-O-Matic can automatically place bids to keep you ahead of your competition. It can even intimidate your competitors and scare them off.

The Bid-O-Matic feature allows you to place a package of bids triggered at a specific price threshold, and it then submits them while you're away from your computer. It is particularly useful if you're looking to participate in multiple auctions at once. By bidding on multiple auctions at once, you can maximize your chances of winning. If you're a newbie to online auctions, you can find the Bid-O-Matic option in the My Quibids section.

The Bid-O-Matic is not a perfect tool for all auction sites. Some users prefer to set the value of their "Bid From" field to a round number. This way, they can place only one bid after the round number is reached. However, you can also choose a different value if you have a large number of auctions. And don't forget to check out the Bid-O-Matic's FAQ section!

The Bid-O-Matic will work best for auctions where a timer is required. It will display a timer in the upper right corner of your screen. When it gets close to 20 seconds, the timer will reset to 15 seconds. If you're buying an item and don't win the auction, you can buy a bundle of bids and save money. But don't forget that if you win an auction, you can't lose!

Buy Now

If you want to purchase a specific item, the Buy Now option on Quibids is a great way to get it without paying full price. This option is available for every product on the site, and it gives users the chance to win a deal for as little as a few dollars. The only downside to this option is that you must have a bid for the item at least once in the auction. The reason Quibids does not list a Buy Now price on their auctions is because they do not want to charge you more than the value of the item.

To get the most out of Buy Now, bid on items valued at $30 or more. The value price will be multiplied by the number of Real Bids that have been placed on an item. After that, the value price of the item will be the amount of Real Bids placed on the item. You can also re-arrange auctions by clicking and dragging them to where you want them. You can even arrange them in the order you'd like, and not just on the category or home page.

Another drawback of Quibids Buy Now is that their items do not come with a warranty. Apple products purchased through Quibids are not covered by Apple's warranty. As a result, there's no way for you to get a refund or exchange if your product breaks. The Internet is full of customer complaints about Quibids, including this one. If you'd like to read more about this, check out Product Reviews.


QuiBids Timer is a handy feature that helps to ensure that the end of an auction is near. Many high ticket items will have a pre-set amount of time in which to be auctioned, wasting many customers' time by placing bids early. By using QuiBids Timer, customers can keep track of how long each auction lasts, and make sure that they bid only during the last twenty seconds of the auction.

If you're using the QuiBids Timer, your auction will end when the timer reaches 0:15 seconds or less. The timer will automatically reset after every bid. This feature is available on all QuiBids auction sites. You can set your timer at the beginning of the auction, and then use it to keep track of when the timer resets after every bid. This feature is especially useful when you're starting an auction for the first time.

You can set a custom timer to end a particular auction at the end of the time. You can set the timer to expire at the end of the auction. If you bid more than the specified time, your auction will end in a win. You can also set the timer to run continuously, and you can set it to stop a bid in the middle of the auction. Once you've set the timer, you can focus on bidding for the best item.

Cost of bids

Inquire about the cost of bids on QuiBids. The cheapest bids are forty cents each, but you can purchase more than one hundred at a time for $60. Bids are pre-paid and stored in your "Bid Credit History." Each bid you place increases the price of the auction by a penny. When placing a bid, you must wait 20 seconds. Every time the auctioneer shouts "SOLD!" another bidder may place their bid.

Bids on Quibids are cheap. The website advertises items for sixty to ninety percent below retail price. The reason for this is that the company uses a unique auction model. Traditional auctions typically drive the price of items up and end up selling them for close to market value. This is why QuiBids is so cheap to use. The auction prices are advertised in Quibids cash.

When a product is valued at over $30, the user can choose to Buy Now. That means that each bid is worth twenty-nine cents. Likewise, the same product could fetch a hundred cents if you buy it now. However, there are disadvantages to Buy Now. If you win a bid and then lose it again, you will not receive the full value of your bid. You can also opt for a buy-it-now option to win the auction.

Terms of service

The following paragraphs set forth the terms and conditions of QuiBids. By accessing the website or using the service, you acknowledge and agree to the terms & conditions as written. In addition, you acknowledge that the website and services are provided "as is" and "as available" without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. QUIBIDS disclaims all warranties, express or implied, and any and all errors or omissions.

In addition, you should read the QuiBids Terms of service to ensure that you are not violating this policy. The company reserves the right to monitor the activities of its users, but has no obligation to do so. It is also not responsible for any content or activity on QuiBids that is defamatory, harmful, or otherwise illegal. If you violate QuiBids' Terms of Service, you are responsible for any legal action or claim arising from your use of the website.

The QuiBids Terms of service also restricts the activities of QuiBids employees. Employees and family members are not permitted to bid on the site. QuiBids also reserves the right to cancel any orders placed under your account. If you are suspected of violating the terms of service, the website may permanently close your account. You will also forfeit any purchases made under your account. You can read the QuiBids Terms of service to understand if they apply to you.